Minneapolis Falls In Love With LANY

On the morning of October 23rd, I woke up at eight in the morning and headed downtown to First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I planned to spend the entire day waiting in line amongst the many other LANY fans who were eager for the night ahead of them.

Throughout my ten hours in line, I discovered three things:

1. LANY fans are truly the nicest fans ever.

2. The people you meet while waiting in line at a general admission concert are the best kind of people.

3. If you can wait all day on a dirty sidewalk in the city for a LANY concert, do it because it's worth it.

A few months ago I applied for a photo pass for the LANY Minneapolis show because I knew it was a show that I would love to photograph and write about. However, I wasn't sure if I would get a pass so I, of course, bought a ticket the day they went on sale and planned to attend the show no matter what.

The day of the show came, and I figured I wasn't approved. I was about five hours into my day of waiting in line when I checked my email and discovered that I actually had been approved for a photo pass. I was ecstatic. However, I wasn't sure what to do because I had already been waiting in line for about half the day!

So, I decided that I would shoot the first few songs from my spot in the crowd (and hope my camera doesn't break) and give a review of the show from a fan's perspective. I can honestly say that it was the coolest experience.

Once the doors opened, I made my way to the barricade and eagerly waited for LANY to take the stage.

I cannot even begin to describe the excitement I felt when the lights dimmed and started flashing, and the band took the stage with their song, "Dumb Stuff" from their debut album, LANY.

Members, Jake Goss and Les Priest, took their places on stage and soon after lead singer, Paul Klein jumped his way onto the stage and instantly created a relationship with the crowd. Klein may have the best stage presence that I have ever witnessed at a show before.

Klein stated, "This is going to be a good one" and it sure was.

I began snapping photos and then all of a sudden the band started performing, "4Ever!" from their EP, I Loved You. If you aren't familiar with this song, get familiar with it. It is a total bop, and you cannot help but dance around and sing along to the lyrics. Once the song began playing, I had to put my camera down because I couldn't help but dance around!

The fourth song of the night was, "Flowers On the Floor" and there wasn't anything more fitting than the crowd throwing dozens of red roses on the stage. Since hearing the band's debut full-length album back in June this song has always been my favorite so to listen to it performed live in person was such a great experience and I'll never forget it.

A few highlights of the night were the performances of the songs, "Where The Hell Are My Friends," "Pink Skies," "Hericane," and "Purple Teeth." All of those songs generated a positive and lively reaction from the crowd.

Towards the middle of the show, LANY slowed things down a bit with a stripped back version of the song, "Pancakes" which also included a cover of Harry Styles' song, "Sign Of The Times." You can guess that the crowd loved that. It was a moment where just about everyone's phones shot up to record the moment.

The show ended with the band's hit tracks, "Super Far" and "ILYSB." The crowd went wild for the songs and the vibe in the room was indescribable.

If you have never been to a LANY show, I highly recommend that you find one to attend in the near future. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even better, try to attend one in Minneapolis! As Paul Klein said at the end of the show, "Some of the best LANY shows are in Minneapolis!"

The three-piece band from Los Angeles, California sure knows how to put on a show that will leave you smiling from ear to ear and with a whole new group of friends when you leave. You don't want to miss out!

// LANY, I Love You So Bad. //

Setlist: Dumb Stuff // 4Ever! // yea, babe, no way // Flowers On the Floor // Overtime // Good Girls // Made in Hollywood // It Was Love // Hurts // Purple Teeth // 13 // Tampa // WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS // The Breakup // Pancakes // Sign of the Times (Harry Styles cover) // pink skies // Hericane // Super Far // ILYSB //

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