Lantern Fest Is One Of The Most Important Traditions That My Boyfriend And I Have As A Couple

Lantern Fest Is One Of The Most Important Traditions That My Boyfriend And I Have As A Couple

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There are not many things in life that make me speechless but Lantern Fest one of them. My boyfriend Andrew and I made it a tradition to go to the June Lantern Fest every year as a celebration of our anniversary. We won't have many traditions together, but this is by far my favorite.

Lantern Fest is an outdoor festival where everyone sits in a huge open field huddled around fire pits, eat s'mores, play games, listen to live music, eat some decent food truck food, and light off lanterns. Hundreds of thousands of people go to each fest across the country to join together and experience the magic.

Sometimes Andrew and I, like most couples, get caught up in life and forget to take some time for ourselves and just relax. So Lantern Fest is our time to reconnect and reflect on our past year together. It's easy for me to get caught up anxiously awaiting our next big plans or trips, and although I really do anxiously await Lantern Fest basically for an entire year, Lantern Fest is one of those things that you can easily get caught in the moment during. It takes your breath away and you can't help but be in awe of watching your lantern float away in the sea of everyone's lanterns. A lot of people go to Lantern Fest to honor those who have passed, some go for the pictures, and others go just for the experience. Andrew and I are a mix of the last two. We go to Lantern Fest every year because it became our own little tradition and something that is really held near and dear to our hearts.

Andrew and Emily, Lantern Fest 2017Emily Skane

Lantern Fest has become a really important highlight of our relationship. It's hard to look back at our relationship thus far and not think of our memories at Lantern Fest. Lantern Fest is our favorite date, the day we look forward to all year and the place where I fall in love with Andrew all over again.

Andrew and Emily, Lantern Fest 2018, "two years down, forever to go"Andrew Bell

The pictures honestly don't do it justice. I wish I could describe to you how moving the entire experience is but I honestly can't. If you've never gone to Lantern Fest this all probably sounds like a bunch of BS. I get that. Maybe it's just because I'm a hopeless romantic or overly emotional. (Both of which I proudly am.) But the whole experience really does make your heart skip a beat and your breath get caught in your throat. If you've never gone to a fest, you definitely need to. It is worth every penny and all the aggravation of getting out of the parking lot.

So Lantern Fest, keep being awesome, please fix the horrible parking situation, and we'll see you again next summer!

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I would argue that it might be time to reconsider the relationship if you cannot answer those two questions with a resounding YES! According to every woman's magazine ever written, laughter is essential to keeping a relationship fun and exciting. Modern journalists such as myself will tell you that internet memes are vital to keeping the love alive. Taking the time to send or tag someone in an online joke says "hey I was scrolling through my feed and came across this meme that I thought you would find slightly funny." What better way to express your love than a sentiment like that?

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40. Compromising until the very end

Cover Image Credit: Hypable

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14 Reasons I'll Choose Coffee Over Boys Every Time

Coffee is always there when you need it unlike boys.


This Valentine's Day, don't worry about being with a boy, or what you are gonna do without a boyfriend. Us girls don't need boys all we need is coffee. We all have that addiction to get through every day. Mine is coffee. It's all I need, not boys and here's why.

1. It will always comfort you

No matter where you go for your everyday coffee fix whether it is at home, Starbucks or a local coffee shop as soon as that taste of caffeine and sugar hits your mouth it instantly warms your heart. Half the time guys will just be like suck it up or you're being too dramatic

2. It's always there for you

There is always a barista there ready to make your next cup of jo whenever you need it. Heck, now we even have 24 hour Dunkin Donuts. Coffee will always be there for you no matter what unlike guys who prioritize their stuff before yours.

3. Coffee will never break your heart

If you don't like it you can always try something else. Coffee will never deny you or end things with you. It will always be there

4. You don't have to share

It's your cup of coffee no one else's. You don't have to worry about it getting taken away or being cheated on. You don't have to share your coffee with 50 other girls. Its there for you and no one else.

5. It will always get you a birthday present

Dunkin' and Starbucks always offers you a free drink on your birthday so you are never disappointed without a birthday present

6. There are so many different types

Whether you're in a hot coffee or cold coffee mood. Or you want something sweet versus something bitter. Every day you could try a new type of coffee or even a new store and never be disappointed.

7. Its only calories, not babies

The worse thing coffee can do to you its add a few calories. It can't get you pregnant, it can't give you an STD. Coffee is the safest and healthiest option.

8. It can't ghost you

Coffee doesn't have a cellphone or social media. You don't have to worry about it leaving you or ghosting you

9. Coffee doesn't care what you look like

Coffee will always be there for you no matter what you're wearing, how much makeup you have one or how skinny you are. You can have it no matter what. It will be there when you roll out of bed before you even brush your hair.

10. You can obsess over it and not be crazy 

You have a different cup of coffee every day. You can obsess over all the ingredients in your coffee. You can obsess over all the different kinds or how long it takes to make your cup. You can obsess without anyone thinking you're crazy

11. No one is counting

No one is counting how many cups of coffee you've had today. Or even this week

12. Coffee will never lie to you

Coffee can't talk. They can't lie to you or keep secrets from you. They can't hurt you their words or actions. You are protected from all the pain.

13. You don't have to try hard

You don't have to try hard to get a cup of coffee like you do for a boy. You can make it at home or just walk to the shop. You don't have too put too much effort into your order.

14. It's full of love

Coffee will always love you no matter what. It won't hate you or push you away. it will take care of you

Coffee will always love you unconditionally. Put down the dating apps and pick up your next cup of coffee. It will always be there for you. Enjoy!

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