1. French

French is the de facto language of foreign policy and is on its way to becoming the lingua franca of the world. I can already speak French, but I would love to continue speaking this language as I need it in daily life. On another note, music and books originally written in French sound amazing in their first language (same with every language, that is)!

2. Polish

The beat of this language is very enjoyable - it reminds me of a powerful gust of wind blowing tree leaves off the ground. It also reminds me of playful kittens. I'd love to become fluent in Polish!

3. German

The language of business, but also the language of many words that cannot translate and express deep and important meanings. I have been trying to learn this language since the summer and would love to spend time in a German-speaking country to improve it.

4. Ukrainian

With the increasing importance of Eastern European languages, I want to go with Ukrainian! I enjoy the sound of it and have some friends from Ukraine.

5. Russian

Another language which is very important in world affairs, but also very important in the world of literature and poetry. I would enjoy reading Russian works in the original!

6. Latin

I did this language for two years in middle school and would love to pick it up again. Latin is like a gateway to many other Romance languages. Once you master Latin, you see the connection of the Romantic languages, and they all come quicker.

7. Ancient Greek

Like Latin, another way to learn the important old texts that discuss the philosophy behind democracy and republicanism. I would love to read them in the original someday!

8. Basque

They say it's hard and not related to any living language. Bring it on - I would love a challenge.

9. Lithuanian

This is a randomly selected language that I want to learn, and I read a wonderful book about a Polish-Lithuanian heroine. Therefore, I want to learn Lithuanian someday.

10.  Italian

I have a few friends studying this one, and it would be very fun to talk to them in Italian someday and visit Italy!

Those are my personal 10 languages. There are thousands of great languages out there. I have one friend who is currently studying Korean and Mandarin. Some people are more drawn to Arabic and Hebrew. Indigenous languages as well are great to learn! What are your 10 languages?