Landing On Your Feet: A Gem For Bouncing Back After Disappointment.
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Landing On Your Feet: A Gem For Bouncing Back After Disappointment.

How to make a major comeback from disappointing setbacks.

Landing On Your Feet:  A Gem For Bouncing Back After Disappointment.

Moment of honesty: I suck at keeping boundaries sometimes and staying true to what I know is best. Well, some days it feels like all the time. I often, self-reflect and pick myself apart until I see a massive hill of all my wrongs. And although that hill is the only thing I, in that moment, can perceive it is not all that’s there.

I mean, does anyone else struggle with overdosing on over-thinking? Does anyone else find themselves giving condemnation a spin when they’ve made a decision that perhaps they aren’t proud of?

I mean, I can’t be the only one right? I’d hope not but in the event that I am (shrugs) because as I first began this article with a moment of honesty, I will continue the trend with owning up to my destructive habits and further going on the record to state that among the many other facets that accompany thinking low of yourself...I’m mostly tired of feeling hopeless when disappointment hits!

It’s not only tiring but debilitating because disappointment is a part of the game! It’s a part of life, the process to obtain progress… the whole nine!

What’s the saying, “minor setback for a major comeback”? Well, the major comeback comes when you realize that you have and will always land on your feet.

It’s inevitable, no matter what the massive hill of wrongs would and often does suggest. Regardless of how it feels when working through the consequences, and those emotions that tend to drag on.

Mind over matter: you have landed on your feet. Just as sure, as your feet touched the ground this morning, so has your mental, emotional and spiritual senses awaken. You have landed on your feet in every realm and you ARE STABLE, SECURED AND SOUND!

There’s a viral video on Twitter of social media personality Stephiesosoul speaking about what 2017 has taught her… and while I highly recommend that each and every Instagram and Twitter user watches this video, I’ve quoted the most resonating part (to me, that is!).

“You don’t know the endless possibilities that can happen. So sometimes we’re put on a path we think “OH MY GOD everything went wrong”! No, things are EXACTLY how they’re supposed to be going. It’s just your perspective of victimization that can change that. And you have to see that life happens FOR YOU, never TO you. So if there is a change that did not match whatever you had planned A, B, and C. Know that it’s because it is to align you. And have that FAITH. That GODFIDENCE, that “I’m confident wherever I land I’m gonna land on my feet !” - @Stephiesosoul

Also, keep in your pocket this truth that was recently given to me: when you fall out of a chair, do you spend days on the floor? No, you immediately get up and resume sitting down.

I’d like to submit to you that when you fall off the saddle when you make simple mistakes when you find yourself circling the same mulberry bush for who knows which time. Remember that just as easy as it is to get off the ground and return to the chair, you can return to your position in life.

Landing on your feet and returning back to your rightful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

So, for the next time that we find ourselves staring at that hill of wrongs and disappointments, may we remind ourselves that,

  1. We are standing on our feet, despite the wind being knocked out of us and from beneath us.
  2. That we are confident and will continue to take confidence in this gem of truth that states “wherever we land we’re gonna land on our feet.”

It is all well gang… keep telling yourself that!

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