Lambeau Field is the Best NFL Stadium
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12 Features Of Lambeau Field That Give Visitors The Best Stadium Experience In The NFL

Cheeseheads and Aaron Rodgers. That is all.

12 Features Of Lambeau Field That Give Visitors The Best Stadium Experience In The NFL
Chani Corpus

This year, 2018, celebrates 100 seasons of Green Bay Packers football. Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers have such a rich and decorated history, which makes me proud to have been born and raised a Packers fan. I have grown up watching the Packers play not only on TV but at Lambeau Field as well. A few years ago, my dad, fortunately, became a season ticket holder, which means he was guaranteed tickets to 7 home games. Since then, I have gone to three to four games each year. You could say that I am an expert in all things "Lambeau Field."

In honor of such a historic season and my personal love for the Green Bay Packers, I've compiled a list of 12 reasons why there is no stadium in the NFL that can compare to Lambeau Field.

1. Vince Lombardi

The Green Bay Packers won the first Super Bowl, which resulted in the trophy being named after their then-coach, the infamous Vince Lombardi. He led the Packers to a second Super Bowl win the following year. His overall record was 105-35-6, he led the Packers to five NFL championships, and he retired from coaching them in 1968. The following quote spoken by Lombardi reflects not only his motivation to succeed but also his belief in hard work: "Winning is a habit. Watch your thoughts, they become your beliefs. Watch your beliefs, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character."

2. It's historic

Lambeau Field was named after Curly Lambeau, a man who founded the Packers in 1919. He actually also played for the Packers, and became the team's coach after his playing days were over. Lambeau Field was named City Stadium before the passing of Curly Lambeau, and the first Packers game played there was in 1957 against the Chicago Bears. At the time of the first game, the stadium held 32,000 people. It now holds over 80,000 people!

3. 13-Time World Champions

The Packers have won 13 World Championships in the NFL, more than any other team in the league. Of those 13 World Championships, 4 were from the Super Bowl era, with the most recent Super Bowl win being in 2011. The last Super Bowl that the Packers won was against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cowboys Stadium. Prior to reaching the Super Bowl, the Packers were the 6th seed in the NFC and became the second team in history to make it to the Super Bowl with such a low seed. After winning their playoff games, they continued on to defeat their rivals, the Chicago Bears, in the NFC Championship to move on to the Super Bowl. The team worked hard to a 31-25 victory.

4. Lambeau leap

The act of a football player jumping into the crowd after scoring a touchdown is known as the Lambeau Leap. It was first introduced in 1993 by Packers' safety LeRoy Butler at Lambeau Field. It is on every Packers fans' bucket list to be able to be a part of a Lambeau Leap. If any player from any other team jumps into the crowd at a different stadium, it's still a Lambeau Leap.

5. Packers vs Bears rivalry

The all-time record between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears is 97-94-6, as of September 9, 2018. The first meeting of these two teams was in 1921. The Packers have now won the past 5 games straight. There is no better rivalry in the NFL than this one. Win or lose, Packer fans chant, "The Bears Still Suck." The most recent meeting between these two teams was a game like no other. It was the Packers' home opener, week 1, against their biggest rival. The first half did not look good, with the Packers trailing 0-20 at one point in the game. To add to that misery, Rodgers went down with a leg injury. Fear not, Packers fans did not lose hope; he came back onto the field to a roar of support from the crowd. The Packers ended up making a huge comeback and won the game 24-23.

If you want to read more about this AMAZING rivalry game, check out the full details here.

6. Go Pack Go!

Lambeau Field is rooted in tradition. With tradition, comes traditional game day cheers. "Go pack go!" is constantly chanted throughout the game, as well as, "And that's another PACKERS... FIRST Down!" Don't forget to "Roll Out The Barrel" in the fourth quarter. There's also the iconic, "IIII don't wanna wait, I just wanna bang on the drum all day!" This song is played after every touchdown scored and every extra point scored. So obviously, Bang on the Drum is music to every Packer fan's ears.

7. Tailgating

Everywhere you look, you see a sea of green and gold. Music blasts from every direction as tailgaters dance, play yard games, throw around a football, talk with friends, grill out and drink. Beer cans and bottles overflow in the garbages right before the security gates. Many Packers fans are buzzed before they even walk into the stadium. The smell of hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers linger everywhere. Life is good.

8. Beer and cheese

Picture this: beer and cheese everywhere you look. That is every Wisconsinite's dream. That is all.

9. Cheeseheads

Yes, there are hats that look like a block of cheese. Yes, many fans do wear them proudly. No, they are not actually made out of cheese. There are also cheesehead-like sombreros, cowboy hats, and helmets. A Cheesehead isn't only a type of hat, it's the name given to Packers fans, the most friendly fans in the league. Wisconsin hospitality may not always be top notch, but Lambeau hospitality is incomparable to any other fan base.

10. Frozen tundra

Lambeau Field, in all its greatness, lacks a ceiling. In October, with the crisp fall air, this allows you to truly enjoy perfect football weather. On the other hand, in the cold winter months, you are forced to brave the freezing temperatures by putting on your snow gear and throwing warmers in your gloves and boots. Due to the absence of a barrier from winter conditions, when it's snowing and is cold, Lambeau Field becomes the Frozen Tundra.

11. Titletown

The Packers, with 4 Super Bowl championships behind their belt, play in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a city also known as Titletown. This name comes from the fact that the Packers have earned a plethora of championships titles throughout their 100 seasons. Recently, the surrounding area of Lambeau Field received a renovation, adding an area for fans and tourists to dive in deeper into the history of Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers. This area includes a seasonal ice skating rink, mini football field, cheese-themed playground, brewery and restaurant, luxury hotel, giant grass hill for kids to play on, and much more. It makes sense why people come from all over the country, and the world, to explore Titletown.

12. Aaron Rodgers

I am blessed to be a fan of the best team with the best QB in the league, and of all time. Mention Tom Brady in Green Bay and you will get hit with FACTS putting Rodgers above him. Whenever Packers fans are stressed, he reminds us to just R-E-L-A-X, and then he throws a game-winning Hail Mary touchdown pass. Other teams' fans may celebrate when they are ahead by less than a touchdown in the last minute of the game, but if Aaron Rodgers has the ball then there is hope for Packers fans. He was out for most of last season due to a broken collarbone, and Packers fans were devastated. In this season's home opener, he proved that he's back and ready to WIN.

Check out this video of Aaron Rodgers' Top 10 Career Moments via @NFL on Twitter

Rooted in tradition, decorated in green and gold, and celebrated with music, beer, and cheese, the Lambeau Field experience exceeds any other stadium by far. Go pack go, and bless Aaron Rodgers.

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