Every LaCroix Addict Went Through These 17 Stages First

Every LaCroix Addict Went Through These 17 Stages First

Home is where the LaCroix is.

Most people fall into three categories: 1) Those who love LaCroix 2) Those who hate it and 3) The few who live in ignorance, having never tasted it.

This one goes out to the LaCroix lovers--the few, the bold, the strong. The ones who rose amongst the ranks, from the moment they first tasted the crisp bubbles and hated it, to proclaiming their love from the rooftops. Cheers to us.

1. You see everyone drinking LaCroix and become curious

What is this mysterious, colorful beverage that I see people drinking everywhere? At work, at school, on the bus, at Target...if that many people are drinking it, it must be good.

2. You buy your first case of LaCroix

Deciding on a flavor is overwhelming: there are so many! Where to start? (I started with Orange.)

3. You taste LaCroix

You don't know what you expected, but it definitely wasn't this...It's so fizzy!

4. You hate LaCroix

How do people drink this?!?! It tastes absolutely horrible. It tastes like nothing...but also like ass, all at the same time.

5. You vow to never drink LaCroix again

That case was a waste because I'm never drinking it again. I swear, I will pour the cans down the sink.

6. You try LaCroix again

Okay, I must be doing something wrong. Everyone loves it. I'll give it another go.

7. You force yourself to drink LaCroix

Okay, just take another sip. You can do it. Now another. Get to the bottom of that can!

8. You start to like LaCroix

Okay, it isn't that bad. Plus, it's zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium...just carbonated water and natural essence! It's GOOD for me.

9. You buy at least one case of LaCroix every time you go to the store

If it's in the fridge, I'll avoid reaching for a can of soda or another sugary drink. Plus, it's a healthy mixer for alcoholic beverages.

10. You tell your family and friends about LaCroix

"Mom, you've got to try this! It's so good."

11. You laugh when they say it's disgusting, because you know they're missing out

Ah, ignorance is bliss. "I used to think so too. Trust me, it grows on you."

12. You drink LaCroix every day

If I don't have a can of LaCroix with my lunch, I feel like I'm missing something.

13. You have become *THAT* person who is always drinking a can of LaCroix

I take it to class, on the bus, in my car, while I'm shopping...It's basically attached to my palm.

14. You consider investing in LaCroix stock

I mean, I drink it so much, I might as well.

15. You panic when the store is out of your favorite flavor

What?! How they can be out of Tangerine? And Cran-Raspberry? The audacity.

16. You want to cry when you crack open your last can

Looks like it's time to go to the grocery store.

17. You cannot imagine your life without LaCroix

LaCroix, my friend, it was a perilous journey, but I have fallen completely and hopelessly in love with you.

I think we can all agree:

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1. Icing your wrist after work is necessary

2. Walking through the shop with stiff muscles, because you spent too much time in the deep freezer

3. That calm moment of peace while your milkshake is blending

4. The "Can I taste test every flavor?" joke that every customer thinks is original.

5. Holding back from taking ice cream home every single night...and the decision process of what flavor to get if you do cave in.

7. The frustration you feel when you hear the whipped cream bottle dying

8. Those customers that comment on the workout you must be getting or the size of your scooping arm

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10 Best Starbucks Drinks For Those Who Hate The Taste Of Coffee

I have a lot of people come up to me when I'm on the register and ask me if I can get them a drink that has caffeine in it but doesn't taste too coffee or espresso-y.

While I am a Starbucks barista, I am not a fan of coffee (well mainly just the caffeine part of coffee and other Starbucks drinks). As someone who struggles with chronic headaches and migraines, caffeine is a big no-no for me, but thanks to this, I have become an expert on what drinks have a ton of caffeine in them, no caffeine in them or just don't taste like coffee.

I have a lot of people come up to me when I'm on the register and ask me if I can get them a drink that has caffeine in it but doesn't taste too coffee or espresso-y. Here are my top 10 go to hot drinks for those of you who crave caffeine but hate the taste of it.

1. Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

It's a little on the fruity side while still having a nice rich, sweet white mocha taste. This drink is perfect for people who want to try something new or are craving something fruity.

2. Peppermint White Mocha

It's safe to say that if you want something on the sweeter side that has some espresso shots in it, stick to drinks with white mocha.

3. Salted Caramel White Mocha

A nice, sweet taste with a little bit of caramel flavor which makes it a little on the nutty side.

4. Cinnamon Bun Mocha

For a grande or a tall, this drink is one pump of mocha, one pump of white mocha, one pump of vanilla and one pump of cinnamon dolce. It's typically pretty sweet, but if you want it sweeter, you can add another pump of white mocha.

5. Butterscotch Latte

It's a caramel and toffee nut latte -- perfectly sweet. Feel free to add a pump of white mocha to it if you want it to be richer.

6. White Chocolate Cinnamon Dirty Chai

It's a dirty chai latte (chai with one or two espresso shots) with two pumps of cinnamon dolce and two white mocha (this is for grande). Sweet and rich.

7. Raspberry Mocha

This is similar to the raspberry white mocha, but you use regular mocha instead. If you prefer more chocolate, this is the better one for you.

8. Zebra Mocha

A mix of white mocha and mocha. Add a pump or two of vanilla if you want to sweeten it. Simple and classic. This drink can also be referred to as a Black and White Mocha, a Tuexdo Mocha, etc.

9. Snickerdoodle Mocha

Very similar to the cinnamon bun mocha but with only white mocha. Use white mocha and cinnamon dolce syrup to make this yummy concoction.

10. S'mores Mocha

Just a regular mocha with chestnut praline syrup. It might not taste exactly like a campfire s'more, but it'll leave you wanting some more.

Hope these satisfy your cravings for caffeine and help you start off the semester strong (and awake)! If you want to check out other drinks, just check out the links below. Just be sure to remember that all stores are different and some stores carry different syrups. Use this handy guide for reference:

1. Find the drink you would like to try and note the recipe, not just the name.
2. The most important thing to remember when ordering a secret menu drink is that not all Baristas are familiar with the drink names. Order by recipe.
3. Depending on what drink you're ordering and what add-ins there are, be prepared for extra costs. Additions such as bananas will bring your total up, but remember that paying with a registered Starbucks card or with the Starbucks mobile app will earn you stars towards free rewards.

Cover Image Credit: https://qzprod.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/starbucks-in-harlem.jpg?quality=80&strip=all&w=4000

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