Let’s Twist the Coin: Two Sides of Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Let’s Twist the Coin: Two Sides of Lab-Grown Diamonds

For those who used to challenge any of statement

Let’s Twist the Coin: Two Sides of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The topic of man made diamonds is raising today with the incredible periodicity. Most likely, you have already read the myriad of optimistic statements concerning the unquestionable positive ecological, economic and aesthetical effects from your responsible choice in favor of lab-created gemstones.

We are sure, you could not help questioning each of these claims. We are sure because we believe that each coin has two sides and it is crucially needed to look behind the front beautiful side and only then decide. So, we have monitored the reverse side of positivism and tried to think whether it indeed matters. Here are our considerations.

1. The marketers present lab-grown diamonds as a totally eco-friendly jewelry item. However, we dare to ask how much energy the companies should use to produce the analog of natural diamonds in laboratories and what amount of carbon gases this process could generate.

Indeed, the process of lab-grown diamonds requires a significant energetic potential since high temperature is the core factor in replicating the natural conditions. There is a true challenge for companies who bet on man made stones. In the present moment, it is very difficult to evaluate true harm but one can see two possible courses of events. The first one: enterprises will use the traditional way of generating energy what, without any saying, enhance existing ecological problems in the case of growing demand on lab-grown diamonds. Indeed, it is worth saying that this seemingly threatening way of production is more eco-friendly than mining.

Another way (best possible one): being guided by ecological awareness, the companies will gradually pass to eco-friendly sources of energy. Then, we have the chances to identify lab-created diamonds as an environmentally safe option.

2. Economic profit is also among the primary optimistic arguments for synthesized diamonds. Yes, the consumers could buy the lab-grown diamonds cheaper, but what about those people from developing countries where the natural diamonds are mined? They will lose their workplaces and the potential source nurturing the economy. Due to statistic data, the issue touches around 10 million people in the world. Is it justified?

If you think from this perspective, be calm. There are already numerous compensation instruments. The global community is ready to finance these countries to enable them to restore the earth and mitigate social risks. Moreover, the transition from the traditional way of mining to synthesizing would not happen in a minute at least because of the low current demand. Thus, gradual moving towards innovative technique will provide the time for replacing the niche, which is not actual anymore, with new kinds of activity and new workplaces as well.

We should also say, that society will unlikely refuse from natural diamonds at all. It is a well-known fact that despite their multiple advantages, lab-created diamonds do not have the investment value while investing is a vital economic activity, which will continue to generate demand on natural gemstones.

3. The similarity of aesthetic value is one more claim in favor of responsible for choosing the lab-grown diamonds. We forget about the true meaning of aesthetic. It is not merely external beauty but intangible associations ascribed to the gemstones making people feel special. Although this counterargument could seem weak for rational persons, we know exactly what the spiritual value matters a lot.

So, what can we say concerning this? If you belong to those for whom metaphysical issues are significant, you, most likely, have the potent abilities on self-programing. So, even lab-grown diamonds could be a sign of status, individual force, identity or success-generating items for you. All you need – to reshape your vision of gemstones' influence and value.

Summing up, we can conclude that any innovation could and should be challenged. However, without innovative decisions the progress is impossible. So, we should give the chance for developing the practice of creating diamonds in laboratory conditions but, at the same time, we should control this process through being curious and responsible consumers!

About the author: independent writer, analytic of jewelry trends exploring the innovative IstoriaJewellers policy.

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