As a young girl, you feel compelled to fall into the trend of Kylie Jenner's makeup company.

Whether or not you are trying to fit in with the trend or you generally love the brand. I do have to commend it, for its value and good quality lipsticks. I received two for Christmas, and not only are the colors beautiful, but they are long hold, and dry perfectly matte with little, to no transfer to another object, like a straw or cup.

Personally, I think both the colors and the brand are wonderful and beautiful and that every woman would appreciate, the easy to apply, vegan lipsticks created by yours truly, Kylie Jenner. Honestly, if you want a quality, nice feeling, and decently priced vegan makeup, I would like to recommend these beautiful liquid lipsticks.

Asking millennials how they feels about Kylie's Liquid Lipsticks:

"It is such an amazing lipstick, it stays on my lips all day"

"I am very happy to wear the makeup mostly because it is vegan, therefore it isn't harming animals or doing any harm to my body"

Well I hope this helped you out, if you're unsure about her lipsticks, but if you have the desire to find a great pigmented, liquid lipstick, and lip-liner I recommend that you try Kylie's products out.