Everything you need to know about Russian Pro Wrestler, Kozlov Pavel
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Everything you need to know about Russian Pro Wrestler, Kozlov Pavel

Kozlov Pavel biography

Everything you need to know about Russian Pro Wrestler, Kozlov Pavel

Known for his incredible, extreme screen nearness, Kozlov Pavel is an American actor of Russian drop. His intense portrayal of evil characters onscreen has earned him acknowledgment and added to a fantastic rundown of credits. Kozlov is a graduate of the Meisner Master acting program.

Since 2013 has been in various short movies and TV appears, with jobs in independent productions as well. He attends and assists in acting workshops, honing his craft, and sharing what he has learned with beginning actors. Known for his hard-working nature and possessing a charismatic personality, Kozlov immovably adheres to the conviction that nothing is unimaginable.

Kozlov began his career in the United States as a professional grappler, pursuing his youth dreams. As a teenager, while living in Moscow, Kozlov Pavel would watch WWE appear on TV and felt inspired to go into professional wrestling. To do as such, he would need to move to the U.S. For some time, he contended in the Moscow Federation of Kickboxing, while at the same time pursuing a Journalism degree in school.

In 2007, Kozlov went out on a limb and moved to the U.S. There, with no family, companions, and no information on English, he proceeded to turn into a professional grappler. Presently a U.S. resident and conversant in English, Kozlov Pavel brings his evident character and involvement with wrestling career onto the screen, making any job one of a kind and memorable.

Russian Pro Wrestler ZODIAC

Pavel Kozlov's zodiac sign is Gemini. According to astrologers, Gemini is expressive and savvy, it speaks to two unique personalities in one, and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are friendly, communicative, and ready for entertainment only, with a propensity to abruptly quit fooling around, insightful, and eager. They are fascinated with the world itself, amazingly challenging, with a constant feeling that there isn't sufficient opportunity to encounter everything they want to see.


Kozlov Pavel was conceived in the Year of the Tiger. Those brought into the world under the Chinese Zodiac indication of the Tiger are authoritative, calm, have stable leadership qualities, are charming, ambitious, courageous, warm-hearted, profoundly tempting, testy, intense, and they're ready to jump at any time. Compatible with Horse or Dog.


  • üWWE Raw (2015-2020) as Medical laborer/Rosebud
  • üWWE Smackdown! (2018-2019) as 3SK/Fan
  • üMacGyver (2018) as Driver
  • üBlack Lightning (2019) as Markovian Soldier 2


  • üUsually plays extreme, evil characters
  • üMohawk
  • üMuscular body with tattoos

Russian Pro Wrestler as an Actor

Acting professionally since 2013, Pavel is a graduate of the Meisner Master Acting program. Always honing his craft, he continually attends and assists in acting workshops, while enthusiastically sharing what he has learned with beginning actors. Into his acting, he pours a lifetime of experience and emotional intensity. Ultimately, Pavel accomplished his first dream and became a professional grappler, creating the persona of the evil, no hints of nonsense Victor Romanoff. After attaining U.S. citizenship and becoming familiar with English, Pavel went on to pursue a career in acting.

Acting professionally since 2013, Pavel is a graduate of the Meisner Master Acting program. Always honing his craft, he continually attends and assists in acting workshops, while enthusiastically sharing what he has learned with beginning actors. Into his acting, pours a lifetime of experience and emotional intensity. He learned to fight, and at the age of 17, he began competing in the Moscow Federation of Kickboxing. Pavel has always also been a profoundly creative individual.

After completing High School, he enlisted at the University, majoring in Journalism. He composed many sonnets during his first year at the university and even had his creative webpage on the University site. He before long found a new line of work as a journalist. Incorporating his charisma and ability to transform himself both physically and emotionally, Pavel brings his striking characterizations and creative sensibilities onto the screen, making each job one of a kind and memorable.

Although he has made considerable progress from what may be viewed as his first job – that of Victor Romanoff, the grappler with a real Russian accent. A hammer and sickle image in favor of his head – Pavel continues to utilize his indomitable fighting spirit to make each job at least somewhat larger-than-life and always intriguing and intense.

Pro wrestling of Kozlov Pavel

The grappler with a real Russian accent and a one of a kind hammer and sickle image haircut in favor of his head, Pavel is professional wrestling's famous, genuinely authentic Russian character. Talented and charismatic, trained in fighting and martial arts, and dedicated to his game and his fans, Pavel has a long-lasting, indomitable fighting spirit that has propelled him – against all the chances – from lack of definition in Russia to the universe of sports and entertainment in America. Professional wrestling was not created in Russia. Individuals didn't understand it, and there were no schools where you could learn it.

What has appeared on TV were just 45-minute adaptations, aired exceptionally late around evening time, and only once seven days. Be that as it may, Pavel made sure to record each one – with VHS tapes – and then he would rematch them, again and again, multiple times. Wrestling for a long time, Pavel has gained information and advice from such great minds in the pro wrestling business as William Regal, George South, as well as Bubba and Devon Dudley, and many more. That has helped make him the grappler he is today.

He intends to continue growing, reaching for greater and greater accomplishment within the wrestling scene – and different universes as well. Pavel is an exceptional individual who has utilized his "Siberian Fighting Spirit," fighting for everything he has accomplished throughout everyday life, while always retaining his authenticity.

Pavel Kozlov, a.k.a. Victor Romanoff is the real Russian pro wrestler with a persona, experience, training, and personality that knock some people's socks off. He utilizes all his attributes in everything he seeks after, regardless of whether in his professional wrestling career or in his different careers and interests, which currently include acting and business as well.

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