"Citizen, drop that forbidden text at once!" cried the usurper of power "listen to me, and I can interpret it for you. What do you mean the Bible preaches civil disobedience? oh silly citizen, don't you know it preaches obedience to authority at all costs!" and with words like that a vile usurper of power led the populace astray, but taking away their access to important texts usurpers rely on the ignorance of the populace to retain their power.

However, even in the darkest of societies this can be resisted. The printing press made it so that the written word can be viewed by millions around the world. No longer relying on blind superstition the people can challenge authority and debate the interpretations that were fed to them for years. Likewise in our present age, social media and electronics make it easier not only for disinformation but also for the truth to spread.

We should not have an excuse for ignorance, but must keep learning and seize every opportunity and morsel of knowledge and use it for the greatest task of all- for liberty.

My dear citizen, this is where glory is found in the pursuit of liberty. Once we know the truth it will help us to smash the chains of usurpation in half.

Alas my dear citizens, I have seen several types of ignorance get praised as "cool" and "trendy" as of late, and this is detrimental to point out not only for myself but for the future of all we hold dear. Ignorance should not be glorified, for ignorance is merely a foothold for usurpers of power to abuse and gradually take away rights.

There is nothing that saddens me more than a person who never realizes all their rights are gone, until its too late.

Congress Bashing

Alas, people love to bash congress. While this is a free country and of course I promote questioning authority, but I must admit this goes a little too far. Many people forget that areas bothering them are not in the jurisdiction of congress but in the state governments themselves. Most issues are at a state level, and while I'm sure your representative to Washington cares deeply as you do- they cannot wave their hand and pave a road in the middle of Pennsylvania.

One that greatly troubles me is when people are mad that congress needs pay raises. I realize that I'm taking a grossly unpopular opinion but- the cost of DC and inflation in general is currently higher than our representative's wages. Staffers and interns are paid very low, much lower than the cost of living and congresspeople need a living wage- to do without leaves room for corruption and bribes as people are known to do things they wouldn't just for a loaf of bread.

Hear me out my dear citizens! Congress and congressional staffers need a living wage just as much as every member of the populace does. Secure wages will go a long way and help lessen special interest effects as well.

In short my friends, it isn't cool to be ignorant of congress- learn about congress, read about your congress members. A little knowledge will go a long way by the time you get to the polls.

Poor Geography

I shake my head in despair every time somebody cannot find Venezuela on a map. My dear citizens, this is not cute or even funny when you say "Slovak and Ukrainian are the same right?" Alas my heart sinks even further when you say "I'm American, I don't need to know." Well so am I, but I memorized all the countries of the world at the tender age of 9. My family lived in the United States since the early 1700s, it is the Patria where my roots are- but I also am a citizen of the world. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't intrigued reading about the customs of Myanmar, the beauty of Bolivia, the history of France. My friends the world is a wonderful place- and the more we know about those who live in it the stronger our bonds would be to the world. Dictators and usurpers love to paint those from other cultures in a bad light, but if we know those other cultures we will see that they are people just as we are with hopes and dreams. All humans are created equal, and the more we connect with the global community the more we will learn and appreciate other parts of the human story. Not knowing the capital of Russia and relying on stereotypes such as "Americans are stupid!" will only feed into the power of an usurper.

Not Knowing History

Again, it baffles me that people would take pride in not knowing this. History is exciting full of drama, romance, adventure and yes, sadly injustices also. If we do not know the glories and triumphs of the past- how will we feel about the future? If we do not educate others on the virtues of societies around the world, how are we to instill an appreciation of humanity? History is what brings color to life. Yes, this discourse would be incomplete without me addressing the dark sides of history- genocide, slavery, colonization. Dark and dangerous topics but we must speak about them to reveal their evil, commemorate the victims, and speak of the glory of those who spoke against such vile times. May the glories of those who resisted tyranny inspire us always. Furthermore, even our greatest historical heroes were flawed humans who tried to make the world a better place, there is no perfect person in history but all great stories we must pass on.

Bashing the Ignorant

Citizens, you miss understand this article if you believe it is to bash the ignorant. I understand people live in poverty or conflicts where they do not have control over what they learn. This should be a reason for all of us to fight for them to have access to libraries and the internet so they to can learn and live in the liberty of knowledge. We all have an inherent right to knowledge and education, and our station of birth should have no say in it. Reason is the compass that guides the hearts of all of humanity, and when you place in every member of humanity free access to knowledge and education specifically through libraries and the internet you change communities and will change the world.

For liberty and equality are at the heart of our inner desires. I affirm before you the deepest desire of the inner depths of my soul is liberty for people of the world, and equality of opportunity for all. I urge you my dear readers to come away from this with a renewed spirit. Instead of belittling those who don't know the answer, bring them to the light and the correct resources. Do not make jokes lightly about not knowing where Tajikistan is or bashing Congress if you do not know how the process works- learn all you can. Never stop learning dear citizens of the world, take every opportunity as your chance for education and never stop. Never yield in your quest to find reason, and may she guide you in all that you do. My dear readers, when we know the truth and have knowledge this will enable us to stand against any usurpation of power that may arise and enable us to pass this on to generations that come after we are all gone. Our posterity will thank us for spreading knowledge and giving everybody an equal opportunity to learn. We already liberated the written word and now have libraries full of words, and technology enables to spread ideas far and wide. Press forward my brave readers, and hold high the flag of liberty which guides every step of your heart as it does to mine.

May we as an enlightened society join hands with those around the world and form a new republic of letters as we share cultures and ideas with each other and press on for the truth that is liberty.