Knowing When To Stop Is One Of The Hardest Things To Do

"One of the hardest things I deal with is looking in the mirror."


When I was 13, I was on a church trip when all of a sudden, over the next 2 weeks, my face began to paralyze. My mouth and my eye on the left side drooped, my left ear began hurting constantly while I also lost some hearing, I couldn't taste anything on the left side of my mouth, and all in all my self-confidence plummeted.

This is what is called Bell's Palsy. Bell's palsy is a condition that is caused when the central nerve in one side of your face inflames, or swells, causing it to stop working. This condition can last anywhere from two weeks, to permanently. Unfortunately for me, mine is permanent. As I've graduated high school and started college I've realized how bad of an attitude I have had about this whole thing. When I started noticing the changes in my face, my self-confidence and feeling of self-worth decreased, and as a girl in high school, everything seemed to get worse from there.

I began talking horribly about myself. Throughout this time I was also diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder, so you know that can't make any of this better. I have so many friends that try to make me stop treating myself so horribly and somehow I just can't make myself stop.

One of the hardest things I deal with is looking in the mirror. I've heard that you are your worst enemy, and when I see myself, that statement becomes so true. What I've noticed lately though is how angry my friends get when I keep on and keep on. I've found myself searching for acceptance in a guy's eyes or in the eyes of someone who shouldn't matter. Some of my closest friends have begun to feel like they aren't good enough to help me and it's ultimately my fault.

Although they constantly say "You're beautiful" or "You're so amazing" I never take that compliment. I brush them off and keep talking about how awful I am and it causes so much tension in my relationships.

Another thing I've noticed is that when you have that bad of an attitude about yourself, no-one wants to be around you, and that includes guys too. We talk about how much we hate ourselves and don't pay attention to how others react to that. When people say you have to love yourself before anyone else can, it is so true.

You have to find the light in your own eyes before someone else can. You have to know when to stop because if you don't, you will push so many people away. You'll be even more miserable than ever.

Now I know that all of this is easier said than done, trust me, but in Psalms 139:14 we are called "Fearfully and wonderfully made." We are made in God's image, and God doesn't make mistakes.

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6 Major Health Benefits Of A Crazy Road Trip

Take that sick road trip you've been wanting to go on, it's actually super good for your health.


We all have a crazy adventure planned, that we live out solely through our Pinterest boards. It wasn't until recently, when I myself took the trip of a lifetime with two of my best friends, that I realized how good road trips can actually be for both your mind AND body.

Driving = Hippocampus Expansion

Taylor Kellogg

Driving, especially long distances, helps your brain with spatial reasoning. A Sunny Afternoon explains that driving actually helps this region of the brain make calculations and increases brain power. Kinda like sudoku... but on wheels.

New places, faces and experiences = MENTAL WORKOUT

Taylor Kellogg

Think of all the cool things you will see, the hundreds of different people you could meet, and the awesome places you'll explore. This overload of new information to process will help your brain build its capacity.


Taylor Kellogg

Fresh air and sunshine is the key to bettering your mind, which leads to bettering your body. Not only do your lungs get a break from pollution-filled air, but the sun boosts the Vitamin D levels in your body to put you in a better mood.

Good company = good mood.

Taylor Kellogg

Choose your travel buddies wisely. Yes, you'll be stuck in the car with them for a LONG period of time, but they also can help with your mental health. The happier you are and the more you laugh, the bigger boost your serotonin levels will get.

You (most likely) will get a lot of good exercise.

Taylor Kellogg

OK, hear me out... I know being cooped up in the car on a road trip isn't very good exercise. It's so important to pick a place that features some sort of physical aspect (I just took a hiking trip to a few national parks in Utah) so you can stretch those legs.

Your mind will thank you for finally going tech-free.

Taylor Kellogg

We're all obsessed with our phones (you are... admit it). Going on a road trip is the perfect way to go unplugged and give your eyes/mind a rest. Less smartphone/email/social media time means less stress.

If you need some backup for convincing your parents to let you go on a road trip, show them this article. You're welcome and travel safe!!!

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Greater Purpose: God's Will For Our Lives

God's will for our lives is to follow Jesus, seeking daily to look more like and live out the Gospel.


Before I start, I must mention that we didn't exactly go through this lesson last week as planned. We had one of youth give his testimony last week, and, along with Shane's words, they indirectly hit on this lesson about God's will for our lives. So, shout out to Kaleb Johnson and Shane for hitting on the highlight of my lesson last week. Now, for some commentary about the lesson I wrote.

I'm going to be honest, I've asked God numerous times what His will was for my life. There have been times where I've uttered the same words Jesus did in the garden before He was arrested, "Not my will, but Yours be done." We all seem to question, just like with God's call for our lives, His will for our lives.

We have to note something very important. To accomplish God's call for our lives, we must seek His will for our lives. That's obvious, but what is His will for our lives?.

We find this will for our lives in Matthew 16:24-28. Prior to this passage, Jesus has predicted His death and resurrection, and He has also established Peter as the "rock" of His church (see Matthew 16:18). Jesus tells us that we should take up our cross daily and follow Him. In Luke 9:23, He takes this a step further and says to take up our cross daily and follow Him.

What does He mean by "take up our cross daily?" According to the late Rev. Billy Graham, what Jesus meant by this is that we need to put to death our own plans and desires, turning our lives over to Him and seeking to do His will daily. To put it in simpler terms, nothing in this world compares to God's will for our lives.

While we should seek to do His will daily, it should be noted that following Jesus is not always easy. We make excuses. We put it off. We're afraid to talk about what God has done for us to those we work or go to school with because we fear they will shun us or make fun of us. Just like those in Luke 9:57-62, we give an excuse when Jesus asks us to follow Him. "I'll do it when I'm out of school." "I'll do it when I have more money." "I'll do it when I have a wife and family." We often give excuses for not following Jesus or putting His will off.

In Romans 12:1-2, Paul gives us an idea of what Jesus calls us to, aside from simply following Him. Paul tells us that we shouldn't be conformed to this age, which in modern society, I believe means don't succumb to the false teachings, peer pressure, or doubts that are rampant in this age. Paul also tells us we should be transformed, seeking the perfect will of God. We will look more in depth at the transformation and reconciliation next.

The whole point of this week's message put simply, is God's will for our lives is to follow Jesus, seeking daily to look more like Him and live out the Gospel. Following Jesus is not always easy, there are temptations everywhere we turn. However, if we stand strong and stand firm in His word, we will seek His direction. I had an old pastor, Bro. Bud Swindall, who said, "You can't follow Jesus if you don't know which way He went." We find out where Jesus leads us by reading His word and seeking to follow Him anywhere, even if it means He is taking us out of our comfort zone.


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