My daily coffee run is a part of my routine and I feel lost if I don't get my must-have cup of coffee. But I realized the other day when I am ordering drinks, I have absolutely no idea what any of it actually means.

What's the difference between a latte and a macchiato?




I don't know either, so I'm here today to inform myself and all of you of the basics behind coffee.

1. Espresso

A single espresso shot is what this first category consists of.

2. Latte

Espresso shot(s) + steamed milk + frothy milk foam

Lattes are the basis of most other coffee drinks, with the main differences usually being various flavored syrups.

3. Cappucino

Espresso shot(s) + less steamed milk than a latte + more milk foam than a latte

4. Americano

Espresso shot(s) + hot water (instead of milk)

5. Macchiato

Espresso shot(s) + steamed milk + flavored syrup + foam

Macchiatos are different because, instead of starting with the espresso shot, it is poured in after the foam. I usually order the caramel macchiato, which comes with caramel butter drizzled on top.

6. Mocha

A latte + chocolate syrup

Now that you're educated, go get caffeinated!