Do You Know Your Starbucks?

Do You Know Your Starbucks?

Get educated before you get caffeinated.

My daily coffee run is a part of my routine and I feel lost if I don't get my must-have cup of coffee. But I realized the other day when I am ordering drinks, I have absolutely no idea what any of it actually means.

What's the difference between a latte and a macchiato?




I don't know either, so I'm here today to inform myself and all of you of the basics behind coffee.

1. Espresso

A single espresso shot is what this first category consists of.

2. Latte

Espresso shot(s) + steamed milk + frothy milk foam

Lattes are the basis of most other coffee drinks, with the main differences usually being various flavored syrups.

3. Cappucino

Espresso shot(s) + less steamed milk than a latte + more milk foam than a latte

4. Americano

Espresso shot(s) + hot water (instead of milk)

5. Macchiato

Espresso shot(s) + steamed milk + flavored syrup + foam

Macchiatos are different because, instead of starting with the espresso shot, it is poured in after the foam. I usually order the caramel macchiato, which comes with caramel butter drizzled on top.

6. Mocha

A latte + chocolate syrup

Now that you're educated, go get caffeinated!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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15 Withdrawals Jersey Girls Experience Upon Leaving The 'Dirty Jerz'

I can do it, i just don't want to

1. Good Bagels

If you are from New Jersey and you move any where else (other than New York) you finally start to realize how much you really miss a good bagel. The bagels in Maryland just don't cut it.

2. Good Pizza

Just like bagels pizza is a must. In Maryland people call Domino's and Papa John's good pizza, but they are not accustomed to little Italian pizzerias a mile away from their house.

3. Disco fries made the right way and with love

If you don't know what disco fries are just go to your nearest diner and ask for fires with brown gravy and mozzarella cheese, your life will be changed. You're welcome in advance.

4. Devils hockey nation

If you have never been to a Devils hockey game and experienced the Devils fans at their peak then you have missed out. going to these games is the best thing to ever happen, they are so much fun.

5. Not pumping your own gas

I can do it, i just don't like to.

6. Wawa

Yes there are some wawa's near me now but not a two minute walk away like at home.

7. Beaches

where i live now i am three hours away from a beach, at home i am 15 minutes away from a beach.

8. The accent


9. Traffic signs

WE MAKE NO LEFT TURNS (they are overrated)

10. Malls

The biggest and the best hands down.

11. The people

So nice and full of love and a little road rage.

12. The comfort

Being at home is better than any feeling in the world, just being in Jersey makes me fell great.

13. The city

where I live i am only 45 minutes away from New York City and it is the best ever when you are a big Broadway fan it means everything.

14. 24h diners


15. Home

No words can explain how i feel when i am home

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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15 Things You Want To Tell Your Keurig Because It’s Actually Your Favorite Roommate

"Hey, beautiful."

Like many college students, coffee is my best friend. I love it. I rely on it. I need it.

Ya know, kind of like a roommate.

Coffee helps me survive the hustle and bustle of college and is always there to support me.

Again, kind of like a roommate.

But, my morning cup of coffee wouldn't be possible without the help of my handy-dandy Keurig. It's the first thing I see when I walk into my apartment, and its the first thing I go to when I wake up.

I've had these 21 thoughts about my Keurig that prove it's pretty much a 5th roommate:

1. "Honestly, thank God I have you in my life."

2. "You're so beautiful."

3. "Where would I be without you?"

4. "I'm so happy to see you!!!"

5. "Omg can you please hurry up?"

6. "Thank you for calming me down."

7. "I love you."

8. "Oh wow, you smell good."

9. "I miss you!"

10. "Ah, you give me life. Literally."

11. "Can you help me?"

12. "Hi."

13. "If anyone can help me, it's you."

14. "Thank you for making Monday's suck a little less."

15. "You're so dependable."

Thanks to my Keriug, I survive the gloomiest of days and the happiest.

Kind of like a roommate.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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