Summer jobs and the pros and cons.

5 Things You Know If You Have A Summer Job

Summer workin', happened so fast..

Summertime. This can be considered one of the best times of the year. But for some, this just means it's the working season. Here are five things that you know if you have a job this summer.

1. You don't get tan

Everyone is spending their days at the lake, or doing something outside, while you're stuck working. Now, if your work typically keeps you working outside, then you're probably already tanner than all of us year round. However, this just means that for me I'm stuck being as pale as I was during winter, which I didn't think was possible.

2. You don't get to see anyone you want to see

Odds are that if you have a job, you probably are required to see and interact with people. For some jobs, you spend the entire day being around people. But you never get the time to see the people that you want to see. With work during a summer at home, you don't get the chance to meet up with old friends or hang out with new ones at normal times of the day.

3. You have to make plans at weird times of the day

Whenever you find friends that actually will hang out with you, despite you always being busy, your plans are impacted by your work schedule. If you work at night, your friends have to be down to seeing you in the morning and you rushing off to work in the afternoon. If you work during the day, your friends have to wait until night to see you, even if you might need to leave early because you have work again tomorrow.

4. You have the chance to spend money, or your savings are building up nicely

One of the positive aspects of working your butt off during the summer is the most obvious one: money. If you're like me, you are taking this chance of making money and spending it without feeling as bad as you normally would. If you're responsible, you might actually be taking this money and saving it up. The opportunity to make money and save it helps to make things easy for you later on, but it also makes you feel accomplished to see how much money you've made when you work hard.

5. It's somehow still a break, no matter how hard you work

School is hard. Whether you do school or work, or both, part/full-time, you know that somehow working over summer is still a break. If you're doing a summer semester, it's typically a lighter workload than normal, and you can balance a little easier than during fall and spring. You may not be doing nothing, but you aren't doing as much as you normally do.

Working is important. One day, you'll have to do it every day. If you're working over summer, then you know that it's just another day or work. But hopefully, that work is a little easier than what you do every day. Summer is meant for some relaxation, regardless of how much you're working.

I hope you get the chance to take a day or two off, even though money makes you do crazy things- like work during summer break.

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