Know About French Dating Culture Before You Hook Up In Paris
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Know About French Dating Culture Before You Hook Up In Paris

Dating Culture

Know About French Dating Culture Before You Hook Up In Paris

Finding love in France was never easier or more enjoyable, thanks to internet dating apps and a plethora of social events. As Valentine's Day is approaching, we take a look at some of the dating choices available in France.

Usually, it is a common misconception that the French do not date, however, this is not the case. They simply don't label it, and they keep things low-key and always under wraps until they have decided on a committed relationship.

Another crucial cultural distinction to remember before embarking on a romantic relationship in France will be that here people enjoy flirting. It is written in their DNA. Also, it is important to remember this in your personal relationships, both when analysing the signs of any potential mates and when considering how others could interpret your actions.

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The following are a few things that you must remember while interested to do romance in Paris.

  1. If you are seriously interested then stop playing games

In France, you will not find casual dating or friends with benefits. You cannot go for sex just for fun unless you are serious about her. In most cases, if you have started liking her then most likely that she will also respond to you.

2.If no chemistry exists then expect to be dumped

French girls will not like to meet you again unless she likes you and wants to be in a serious relationship with you. If she finds that there is no chemistry between you two then she will not like to meet you again.

3. Try to work out things for yourself

After the internet penetration, things have altered a bit and these days, people try to find their dates online. However, whether online or offline you have to work out for yourself to search for your soulmate before you assume that you are in a relationship.

4. Kissing means the relationship has started

Other than kissing while participating in a dance event, kissing in France, generally is considered to be a very important landmark of your relationship. Therefore, before you kiss your girl, you must not forget to take her exclusive permission.

5. If the matter is serious then it develops steadily

You have to be patient enough as a serious relationship cannot develop too soon and it takes some time. Any causal relationship can however develop very fast and break up can also happen quite fast.

6. Body language will be more important than your French language skills

It is not necessary that you need to master the French language to express that you love her so much. She will know about it by looking at your body language, which is more important than you expressing it to her explicitly.

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