Kitchen layout that works for you
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Kitchen layout that works for you

Kitchen layout

Kitchen layout that works for you

It is very exciting when you think that your kitchen will undergo a transformation. You may give the contractor all the work but it is also important that you have an idea about the planning and layout. Having this knowledge is essential, since you will be the one working inside your kitchen. The right layout will make your kitchen functional, efficient, and comfortable.

Kitchen Renovation will be helpful in transforming the look of your kitchen. Making it look attractive might be one of your priorities but it should not be the main purpose. The traditional layout gives importance to the rule of the triangle in the kitchen layout where the sink, range, and refrigerator should be separated

Today, there are a variety of layouts you can choose from. If you are seeking design inspiration they have the largest kitchen showroom on the Sunshine Coast. Cabinet Makers on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years you can rely on Look Cabinets to deliver your dream kitchen. Why not sit down for a design consultation and watch your dream kitchen come to life with a 3d design mockup. Read on to discover some typical kitchen layouts.

Galley kitchen

The Galley kitchen also known as walk through kitchen is ideal for small spaces. Its design is derived from the galley kitchen of railway dining cars. It is characterized by two walls or countertops facing each other with a long and narrow walkway in between them. It is commonly used for rectangular-shaped kitchens confined to small spaces.

The countertops are the area where you can arrange the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, appliances, and other kitchen items. Every corner of the kitchen can be used to make it more efficient. It is very easy to work in this type of kitchen since items are within reach and cabinets and appliances run on both sides of the work area.

One wall kitchen

Another type of kitchen layout is recommended for areas with smaller spaces like studios, apartments, or lofts. However, this layout is still applicable for a spacious kitchen floor area, if you want to maintain the space and prefer a minimal layout. It is also known as “ Pullman kitchen”. It is well known for being a space saver since cabinets and appliances are placed and installed on a single wall.

Since the workspace is only one section, it will also be easy to clean and organize. A kitchen with limited space can still have a fabulous look. There are various designs to choose from that will suit a one-walled kitchen This is commonly known to be budget-friendly and practical for kitchen renovation. This is also one of the most convenient types of kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is also called a Horseshoe kitchen layout. It consists of three walls for cabinets and appliances. A center island can also be placed in the middle of it. This layout is ideal for busy kitchens with more than one worker. The spacious characteristics make it easy to move around the kitchen. Today, the U shape has been revised into an L shape with the island as the third wall.

This type of layout is beneficial if you have events at your home and you need to have multiple cooks work on the menu. It can also serve as an entertainment area for family and friends. Since it covers a large area, it allows you to have more space for storage and cooking while being able to easily reach the appliances and other cooking utilities.


An L-shaped kitchen is ideal for small and medium-sized kitchens where you can be able to maximize every space you have. It consists of two connected countertops facing each other perpendicularly forming an L shape. The center of the kitchen will give you a spacious area where you can easily mobilize. You will avoid an overcrowded kitchen when it is a busy hour with this type of layout. With the space between the countertops, you may opt to install a center island or even your dining area in it.

Island kitchen

A U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen can be converted into an island. You just have to install a center island in the space between the countertops. A center island is not just an attractive area of the kitchen, it is also an additional workspace for you. You may also use the island for a quick breakfast, snack, study, and preparation area.

An island adds up to making your kitchen impressive looking but not all kitchens must have it. It is not ideal to put a center island in a kitchen that has a small space. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you may put an island on it, depending on your needs.

It might be tempting to include an island in your kitchen renovation but if your budget and space does not meet the required amount, then you can just leave it out.

Peninsula kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is a combined kitchen layout. It can either be a Horshoe kitchen that is turned converted into a G-shaped kitchen or an L-shaped layout converted into a horseshoe. It is primarily a connected island that can be turned into a different kitchen layout. Its priority is to provide a seating and serving space while maintaining a space for kitchen traffic to flow. This is recommended for a home with minimal kitchen space or a place that does not require a formal dining area.

Take note that it is not recommended to place a stove or any appliances on the peninsula since it is mainly used for food preparation rather than cooking. You may install a storage area in it which will also help lessen the cost of cabinets above the counter.

Choosing the right layout for your kitchen is one of the vital factors to discuss in a kitchen renovation. Discuss with your trusted contractor what best works for you, incusing the floor area, budget, and how efficient your kitchen is. Since the kitchen is your working area, it should support you ergonomically. It must be a place that is safe, practical, and convenient to work at. Contact your trusted kitchen renovation company for the smooth planning and materialization of your dream kitchen.

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