4 Kinds Of People You Can Expect To See During Resolution Time

4 Kinds Of People You Can Expect To See During Resolution Time

Are New Years Resolutions really about Instagram stories of you with a green smoothie?

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January, also known as the first month of the year, is the birth month of some Capricorns and some Aquariuses, the month of the birthstone, the garnet, and National Healthy Weight Awareness month in the United States. However, more universally, January is the month of RESOLUTIONS.

As we progress forward with the month, here are some common tropes you can expect to see during this season of resolving.

1. The bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew types

“Sleep for at least 8 hours a night, get straight A’s, drink gallons of water daily, exfoliate often, go to the gym every day, read 6 books a month, and maintain positive relationships full of effort, love, and laughter.” How many people have you heard rattle off a list similar to this one when talking about goals for 2018? While I’d love for everyone with a resolution list like this one to prosper at all of those things, setting too many goals can actually prevent you from really prospering at any of them. Create a FOCUSED, more narrow goal and you’ll be way more likely to stick to it. Then, something like getting 8 hours of sleep each night, will become a part of your lifestyle, and by the end of the year, you’ll feel like you accomplished something.

2. The "all-in during the first month, then burn out by February" types

Many resolutions involve lifestyle changes, and the best way to go about these resolutions is to ease into them. If you’re typically a D student, and you want to “do better in school this year,” don’t expect A’s right away. Improve in increments. A D to C improvement is the first step. I’m not saying anyone should ever settle, but it’s easy to burn out quickly if you expect to see immediate, amazing results because when you don’t, you’ll feel discouraged.

3. The social media health stars

Some key indicators of these people are Instagram stories of bulleted lists, pics of them in their newest-Christmas-gift-workout-outfit, and selfies with green smoothies. For some, posting your new, January health and wellness-centric lifestyle aids in accomplishing goals, but for others, the attention gained from posting at all is what really is being sought after here.

4. The silent succeeders

These kinds of people are my personal favorite. At the end of the day, resolutions are for YOU and you only. The most wholesome, successful people in life, make changes internally first before sharing anything with anyone else. These are the people who, at the end of the year, can most likely say that they did, in fact, reach their goals.

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