Kim Kardashian And Victim-Blaming Mentality: She's Not At Fault

Kim Kardashian And Victim-Blaming Mentality: She's Not At Fault

Kim Kardashian isn't, and will never be, at fault for what happened to her during Paris Fashion Week.

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I don’t like Kim Kardashian.

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

I don’t understand the appeal of the entire Kardashian clan. I get that they’re beautiful, I get that they’re rich, and I get that they have all basically taken over the entire reality TV/social media world with their SnapChat stories, their makeup lines, their modeling careers, their high-profile divorces, and their sex tapes. I get it, but I don’t.

And I don’t have to like Kim in order to feel absolutely horrified and saddened about the ordeal she went through in Paris.

In case you just realized you’ve been living under an anti-social media rock for the past week, here’s what happened.

Kim Kardashian-West was in Paris, France, this week for the Paris Fashion Week. The media mogul had been following her husband, rapper Kanye West, on his tour around the country when she first jetted off to Paris.

During Monday evening on her stay, she was taken hostage, gagged and tied up in her bathtub while five armed men stole approximately 10 million dollars worth of jewelry.

Of course, when the news broke that Kim had been threatened, social media platforms took to the news like piranhas in a bloody feeding frenzy. But the worst is yet to be said: they’re blaming her for being kidnapped.

Twitter user paora420nz said, “Bet the same people that robbed #KimKardashian robbed Ryan Lochte.” Another, Steve_Allen92, tweeted: “Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris... Finally some good news on a Monday.”

Okay, people, this is NOT her fault. She didn’t deserve to be yanked out of her bed in the middle of the night, or tied up, or thrown into a bathtub scared for her life just because of her wealth.

This whole victim-blaming mentality has absolutely got to stop. I don’t care how much you don’t like the Kardashian Clan—I don’t like them either— but celebrities are humans too, and do not deserve to be scared to live their lives. Kim is a daughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt, and a wife. While she slept, she was bound, gagged, and threatened at gunpoint. If I were in her shoes, everything else— my entire empire, everything I’ve built up in the years since I came onto the scene – would just fall away. I would just be a simple human being at this point, fearing for my life.

Most importantly, she wasn’t asking for it. Earlier this year, the Internet exploded when Brock Turner, the infamous Stanford swimmer-turned-rapist, used alcohol and party culture as an excuse for his actions. He never truly gave an explanation that sounded like admittance to his crimes, and his own stupid family was more concerned about him missing out on his life than what he had done to his victim. This, too, is victim-blaming, and much like in Kim Kardashian’s situation, this has got to stop. It’s the perpetrator’s fault, not the victim’s, and if you start victim-blaming, you had better sort out your priorities.

I may not like Kim Kardashian, but no human being deserves to have their life threatened like that. She wasn’t intentionally hurting anyone. If she were, then it would have been a different story, and I would think differently. But in Paris, She was just trying to live her life and enjoy herself, as we all try to.

So think about that next time before you tweet.

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