Wake Up America

I have no words. No emotions left. No more tears to cry. The only thing I have left is prayer and a small ounce of hope for the destructive, hateful country we are living in.

A mentally disabled white teen male was beaten, tortured, and abused by four black teens who screamed "f**k Donald Trump" and "f**k white people" as they live streamed them beating the white teen on Facebook. A hate crime in it's purest form.

These are the raw blatant facts of the scenario. However, if you log onto social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook the incident was blown into every direction possible. People started labelling the black teens as BLM movement members and calling the kidnapping an act of hate and violence pre-meditated and planned by BLM. However, it is displayed in the police reports and publicly announced by prominent BLM supporters such as Deray McKesson that the kidnapping and torturing is not linked to the BLM movement. The BLM movement does not in any way support violence or hate. The sole purpose of the movement is to promote equality of black lives peacefully.

I think we have started to neglect the fact of basic humanity. We are all created under God. We all bleed the same blood. But in the past few years, our country has slowly been moving towards a race war. Incidents being blown out of proportion by the news and social media. Any action by a white or black American citizen is over-analyzed and made to be something entirely different than it was originally meant to be. This stirs up anger and hate and only perpetuates the clear division already present in our country. Stop.

It is so simple. Racism works both ways. Both white and black Americans commit hateful and racist acts. It is not a one-way street simply because of our country's history. If you keep bringing up the past it is only going to repeat itself instead of uniting and truly working to become equal. Not one race dominant over the other. Not only black lives matter. Not only white lives matter. Not only Asian lives matter. Not only Hispanic lives matter. Not only Muslim lives matter. All lives matter. You can hate me for saying that and try to say that I am discrediting the black lives matter movement by saying that because I don't understand because I am a white female.

The fact of the matter is our country is not simply black and white like 19th-century televisions. Our world is made of a melting pot of rich cultures and ethnicities. We are not two clear-cut races. We were all created equal. That's what the new movement as a country should be about. You cannot simply assume that someone voted for a certain presidential candidate simply because of their skin color or that someone believes a certain thing because of their political standpoint. You don't see the white people of this country sitting in the streets and rioting over the disgusting event. Thousands are keeping their mouths shut because anything they say can be misconstrued and taken wrongly by the BLM community which so often happens when a white hate crime occurs. How is this fair?

He was partially scalped and beaten. His screams weren't even able to be heard. How do you think it feels to be a member of that boy's family watching your son and brother being abused and tortured with no help no one hearing his cries no one there to help him and all because he is white. All because he like every other citizen in our country did his duty as an American and voted. But these 4 black teens and young adults didn't agree with his decision and decided to use his mental disability as a weakness to torture and beat the boy because of his skin color and scream disturbing things and posted their acts on Facebook for the world to see. How does that look? The fear that is now instilled in white people all over America. With memes saying "white people thought they were safe because they voted for Trump". Now a video like this is posted. How is that a movement for equality?

We need to stop creating strict labels based on skin color and political views and any other aspect you can knit pick and putting them on any person we meet. What happened to open minds and hearts? Instead of close-minded hateful hearts. When we close off our eyes, hearts, and minds to what we don't want to hear or see we close ourselves off to millions of our opportunities to grow as individuals and a society. It isn't that hard to open your ears to listen to one another instead of reading something on Twitter and turning to anger and assuming an entire race or group of people feel a certain way simply because a single person of that race or group says or does one thing you don't agree with.

Does no one see the pattern here? Something bad happens, people turn to social media to spread false beliefs, ideals, and facts. Hate and anger rise up and fights further continue the violence and hate. No more love. No more patience. No more optimism. Just a country full of people who believe only one group can be right. There is only one way to live. Only one way to think. We all need to grow up and let go of the hate and using our country's past as an excuse to hold grudges and attempt to justify our actions. Let it go. Black lives matter, white lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, Muslim lives matter and we all should be treated equally despite our skin color, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, clothes we wear, or morals. Be a little more human and a lot less hateful its simple. Stop the hate and violence and entitled sense of justification. Learn to get all the facts before you put out negativity into the world and open your mind and ears a bit more to understand every view and side of the story. That is the only way we are going to move forward as a country and society.

James 4: 1-2

"What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you? You desire and do not have, so you murder. You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. You do not have, because you do not ask."

Cover Image Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-horrific-teen-beating-in-chicago-has-nothing-to-do-with-blm_us_586e77a4e4b099cdb0fbbdf1

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It's Time To Thank Your First Roommate

Not the horror story kind of roommate, but the one that was truly awesome.

Nostalgic feelings have recently caused me to reflect back on my freshman year of college. No other year of my life has been filled with more ups and downs, and highs and lows, than freshman year. Throughout all of the madness, one factor remained constant: my roommate. It is time to thank her for everything. These are only a few of the many reasons to do so, and this goes for roommates everywhere.

You have been through all the college "firsts" together.

If you think about it, your roommate was there through all of your first college experiences. The first day of orientation, wishing you luck on the first days of classes, the first night out, etc. That is something that can never be changed. You will always look back and think, "I remember my first day of college with ____."

You were even each other's first real college friend.

You were even each other's first real college friend.

Months before move-in day, you were already planning out what freshman year would be like. Whether you previously knew each other, met on Facebook, or arranged to meet in person before making any decisions, you made your first real college friend during that process.

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The transition from high school to college is not easy, but somehow you made it out on the other side.

It is no secret that transitioning from high school to college is difficult. No matter how excited you were to get away from home, reality hit at some point. Although some people are better at adjusting than others, at the times when you were not, your roommate was there to listen. You helped each other out, and made it through together.

Late night talks were never more real.

Remember the first week when we stayed up talking until 2:00 a.m. every night? Late night talks will never be more real than they were freshman year. There was so much to plan for, figure out, and hope for. Your roommate talked, listened, laughed, and cried right there with you until one of you stopped responding because sleep took over.

You saw each other at your absolute lowest.

It was difficult being away from home. It hurt watching relationships end and losing touch with your hometown friends. It was stressful trying to get in the swing of college level classes. Despite all of the above, your roommate saw, listened, and strengthened you.

...but you also saw each other during your highest highs.

After seeing each other during the lows, seeing each other during the highs was such a great feeling. Getting involved on campus, making new friends, and succeeding in classes are only a few of the many ways you have watched each other grow.

There was so much time to bond before the stresses of college would later take over.

Freshman year was not "easy," but looking back on it, it was more manageable than you thought at the time. College only gets busier the more the years go on, which means less free time. Freshman year you went to lunch, dinner, the gym, class, events, and everything else possible together. You had the chance to be each other's go-to before it got tough.

No matter what, you always bounced back to being inseparable.

Phases of not talking or seeing each other because of business and stress would come and go. Even though you physically grew apart, you did not grow apart as friends. When one of you was in a funk, as soon as it was over, you bounced right back. You and your freshman roommate were inseparable.

The "remember that one time, freshman year..." stories never end.

Looking back on freshman year together is one of my favorite times. There are so many stories you have made, which at the time seemed so small, that bring the biggest laughs today. You will always have those stories to share together.

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The unspoken rule that no matter how far apart you grow, you are always there for each other.

It is sad to look back and realize everything that has changed since your freshman year days. You started college with a clean slate, and all you really had was each other. Even though you went separate ways, there is an unspoken rule that you are still always there for each other.

Your old dorm room is now filled with two freshmen trying to make it through their first year. They will never know all the memories that you made in that room, and how it used to be your home. You can only hope that they will have the relationship you had together to reflect on in the years to come.

Cover Image Credit: Katie Ward

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I’m The Girl Who Never Dreams Of Her Wedding, Because Getting Married Is Not A Career

I have others dreams in life that are much bigger than marriage.


Ever since we were little girls, the idea of a dream wedding has always been built up around us.

Everyone has one, everyone knows what season they want to get married in, what their dress looks like, what flowers they want, and so on.

But I've never had that. I've never had a time in my life where I knew what kind of wedding I wanted or what kind of dress I'm going to walk down the aisle in or what kind of flowers I want. I've never been the kind of person to dream of a prince charming sweeping me off my feet and taking me away to my happily ever after.

Growing up, my idea of a "perfect life" was being a working, single mom with one child that I'll adopt, and living in a decent, upper-middle-class apartment. I have never thought of myself with a significant other. I've never thought of myself as someone that would get married, much less someone that would dream of a wedding.

And the fact is: that's okay. It's perfectly acceptable for a woman to want to focus on her career.

It's perfectly acceptable for a woman, or person for that matter, to not want to get married. It is perfectly acceptable, in this day and age, for me to be a single woman and not want or dream of a wedding.

No, there's nothing wrong with that.

No, it doesn't mean I won't ever get married (don't stress, mom). No, it doesn't mean I'll be a bad parent because I want to do it on my own. No, it doesn't mean I'm "crazy."

Yes, it is terrible for people to look down on others because they do not want the "norm."

Yes, it is rude to assume that I'll become an old cat lady. Yes, it is rude to assume that being a cat lady is a "bad thing." And yes, your opinion of my future does not matter to me.

Part of the good thing about this day and age is the fact that we have a chance to choose. We can choose a career, family, or both. And if someone chooses differently than you or the "norm," that's OK, too.

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