Kevin Pietersen selects his T20 Team of the Tournament
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Kevin Pietersen selects his T20 Team of the Tournament

Check out his playing XI.

Kevin Pietersen selects his T20 Team of the Tournament

Check out his Best XI.

Jos Buttler (England)

225 runs

After Eoin Morgan retired from international cricket, Jos Buttler had enormous shoes to fill, yet he excelled as a skipper during this competition.

He was England's leading scorer and did an excellent job of channelling his team.

Alex Hales (England)

212 runs

Hales proved to be the match-winner for England that Kevin predicted before the tournament.

He delivered three vital innings against New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and India when it counted the most.

Virat Kohli (India)

296 runs

For Kevin, one of the tournament's highlights was witnessing King Kohli at his peak, finishing the World Cup with a sizable lead in total runs scored.

He's received a lot of criticism in the last few years, but Pietersen always believed he could rise to the top again.

Suryakumar Yadav (India)

239 runs

This batter is impressive and has to be among the top white-ball hitters.

He has previously lit up the IPL several times and has performed on the international stage.

Glenn Phillips (New Zealand)

201 runs

Phillips was New Zealand's best batter in another successful Black Caps campaign.

During the World Cup, his century against Sri Lanka was among his best performances.

Sikandar Raza (Zimbabwe)

10 wickets and 219 runs

The associate nations have excelled in the T20 format, and Raza of Zimbabwe attracted my attention with his all-around skills.

Against some of the finest in the world, finishing with 219 runs and 10 wickets is no small accomplishment.

Sam Curran(England)

13 dismissals

What a surge Curran has experienced.

He went from being a part-time player for England to winning Player of the Tournament at a World Cup. He will be a crucial member of this team as they try to defend their titles in the white-ball era.

Shadab Khan(Pakistan)

12 wickets

Without Shadab, Pakistan would not have advanced to the final.

His exploits against South Africa advanced them to the final rounds, and he displayed excellent ball control throughout.

Wanindu Hasaranga (Sri Lanka)

30 wickets

Leading the wicket rankings at two straight T20 World Cups is a fantastic accomplishment.

The leggie is one of the best white-ball spinners out there.

Anrich Nortje (South Africa)

12 wickets

Across all game formats, Nortje has established himself as an elite bowler.

His express pace is a dangerous weapon, and he was clearly showing off his aptitude for getting wickets.

Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan)

12 wickets

Sad to see Shaheen leave the game wounded in the championship; Pakistan had a chance with his remaining death overs.

At 22, he led a pace attack of world-class calibre, demonstrating his talent.

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