Ketchup: fridge or cupboard? The debate is settled
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Ketchup: fridge or cupboard? The debate is settled

Ketchup: fridge or cupboard? The debate is settled

Ketchup: fridge or cupboard? The debate is settled

The survey revealed a heated debate about how the British store food and what disagreements can lead to.

Ketchup: fridge or cupboard? Debate resolved...

The survey revealed a heated debate about how the British store food and what disagreements can lead to.

Certain products, such as cold milk and frozen ice cream, have an obvious storage space, but chocolate, ketchup and onions have less storage, British electronics retailer Curry’s found in more than 2,000 surveys. It doesn't seem clear. An Englishman investigates where people store their food.

The survey asked 2,026 people in the UK where to store food and identified any controversy this might cause.

We found that 39% of respondents kept chocolate in the cupboard and 29% kept it in the refrigerator. 63% of Brits keep mayonnaise in their closet and 56% keep ketchup. The survey also showed that 11% of Britons surveyed keep bread in the fridge and, perhaps surprisingly, 26% keep onions in the fridge. In addition, 50% of Britons prefer to store eggs in the refrigerator, while the other half prefer to store them at room temperature.

“Chocolate is best stored in a cool, dry place, such as a storage cabinet. When the chocolate is taken out of the refrigerator and the resulting condensation returns to room temperature, a phenomenon called sugar bloom occurs.” Jonathan Hughes.

“Bread should be stored in a bread box in a cool, dark place, as the humidity can be properly controlled. Bread recrystallizes faster than at room temperature and therefore ages faster in the refrigerator.”

The Curry’s study found that competition over where to store certain items is a common problem affecting the country. Twelve per cent of Britons surveyed have "serious discussions" with friends and family about how to properly store food. We also found that 24% compete on how to properly store leftover food.

In fact, studies show leftovers are a hot topic among Britons. 66% of Britons save leftovers for later, with women (73%) more likely to save leftovers than men (58%). Millennial are more likely to save and store leftover food (69%), while Gen Zers are the least likely (59%).

Also, in this study, some expiration dates are closer to guidelines than established rules, while others operate just like the law. It turned out that one in ten Britons had suffered from food poisoning in the past.

“Sniffing food is a useful test to determine if food is spoiled,” the doctor said. Hughes. “Taste can also be a good indicator of spoilage. However, it is recommended to use other sensations first. Look for discoloration and mold and try the old smell test first. Also, if you have slimy chicken, it's time to play with it."." "If you come across food that looks bad and tastes bad, don't eat it."

As with meat and dairy products, some expiration dates are very clear, but some, such as ketchup and mayonnaise, are not commonly known. For this reason, bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup need to be refrigerated for 8 weeks after opening, but nearly a quarter of Britons keep ketchup up to 6 months. 17% of Britons allow mayonnaise to be stored for up to 6 months, although Hermann's Real Mayonnaise recommends using the product for half that time.

“Ketchup is sour because it contains tomatoes and vinegar and greatly inhibits bacterial growth. Ketchup usually has a shelf life of about 1 year unopened and 8 weeks refrigerated after opening. However, it is very resistant to bacterial growth and lasts up to 6 years. months after opening,” the doctor said. Hughes.

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