A few days ago, Twitter buzzed with the news that Kendall Jenner would be revealing something about herself that would help many people. I did not really take the news seriously, because the Kardashian/Jenners are known for making everything dramatic, but I was still curious as to what the reveal would be. Some Twitter users said it could be Kendall's coming out since some speculate her to be part of the LGBT community. Others thought she might be joining the #MeToo movement.

Overall, people genuinely believed what she would say would be important and of value. Her mother, Kris Jenner even went online to talk about how proud she was of her daughter for coming forth and telling the world about something important.

Shortly after the advertisements for her announcement came out, she made a commercial talking about how bad her skin used to be and how the brand Proactiv, helped clear her face. I have many issues with this announcement. A rich girl telling the world she used to have acne is not news.

Kendall Jenner is part of one of the richest families in the world, do you really think she didn't have expensive facials and dermatologists helping her clear her skin? I think it is wrong for her to go and be the face of a product that she most likely never used, or used while also investing millions on other products for her skin.

I don't understand why Kendall thinks her acne days will make anyone else feel better about their own skin. She is a model, she has people who will make her look perfect no matter what. Most of us don't even have access to high-end makeup that actually covers blemishes. Also, most people experience having acne in their lives, so her telling the world about hers does not make her special. It's crazy to think that her most traumatic experience was having bad skin for some time in her life.

I do believe that everyone has a different reality and that maybe acne was a huge deal to her, but I don't think what she is doing is right by any means. She knows she has an audience who will be blinded by her stardom and will go buy Proactiv. Some people look up to her and actually trust what she says. This is horrible because people with very bad skin often cannot be helped by these products alone, and require medications such as Acutane to help their skin.

Kendall should not be advertising a product that she herself most likely did not use. I believe money blinds people every day and they end up doing things that will hurt others just so they can get a paycheck. I hope she realizes that what she is doing is wrong and could hurt the pockets and the health of millions of young impressionable fans.