Keeping Up With the News: When You Can't Write Fast Enough

Keeping Up With the News: When You Can't Write Fast Enough

With near daily political news stories or even simple announcements, it is not the easiest thing to find the one thing to focus on

Warner Brothers/San Diego Comic Con

It is not easy coming up with a story to write about. Whether you're going to be writing something fictional or real, a news article or a short story, or even a simple Facebook post, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do – contrary to what many would say. Especially in the modern world, where a universe of information is available at your fingertips, and everybody wants to get as many possible clicks from users checking out their work. Clickbait titles like “Ten Things You Didn't Know Were Still Around” (which is probably a Buzzfeed article already) or the same story reported on several different sources all run by the same group, the constant stream of news and information makes some stories almost become redundant or even boring to read again and again.

Following the 2016 election, political activism and updates have become major aspects of Internet culture. Because the newsgroups noticed that people were clicking on stories about the candidates, every agency would run the same story. Which really isn't a problem, people read different things. But they will stay on the same story until the next big one comes through, oftentimes fighting against themselves for the big story of the week. When Trump fires somebody, everyone jumps on it and hopes they get as much interaction on Facebook as possible, all in competition with each other. On a platform such as the one you are reading this on right now, you get about a week to come up with an article, and at this rate, the story you start writing about on Monday is completely different than the story you end up writing about on Thursday because the second story is even bigger and more important than the last. Of course, this is not to say that everybody having their own say is a bad thing, it just comes down to CNN or Fox running a variation of the same exact article about the same exact event every day until the next one comes along – but then again, that's how the 24/7 news cycle works, I guess.

Beyond politics, there is the constant entertainment news that every group wants to report on, even if there isn't that much to write about. One such example is the production of the upcoming Justice League film. Within the last few weeks, it was leaked that Warner Brothers would have to digitally erase Superman actor Henry Cavill's mustache that he grew for his role in the next Mission Impossible. This was reported by everyone ranging from to Entertainment Weekly. Of course, it is a fun little story about the production, and it is nice to see a story like that – but the same one ran three or four days in a row. On the reverse side, much like the current state of affairs in our nation, sometimes the entertainment news comes in so fast that stories have to either be sacrificed for the another or combined with several others. This is most evident in mid-July during San Diego Comic Con, where many major movies either are announced or present some footage to the crowd. The big-hitters like Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War get a lot of the press, but by the end of the week are put into a list of “Best Things Announced at SDCC” on the following Monday.

It's not easy to keep up with the cycle as it is. And for good reason – in the modern era where everybody has a platform to express themselves, whether that is a Facebook comment or a tweet that freaks out the Pentagon, the Internet has made opinions and views all equally valid. This article itself isn't too long, but at least it's something different than talking about Trump's growing animosity to anybody who does not bow before him, or his inappropriate speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree. Or the leaked Infinity War trailer and the Captain Marvel reveals. It almost requires a time machine to be able to find the story of the week, or find your opinion on something. And until such a time exists where we do have access to the space/time continuum, we'll just have to hope the big one is the one we focus on

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