Keep Going

January, the month of fresh starts, resolutions, and a new feeling of motivation is now over.

February is here and in full swing.

This is a reminder to keep going.

February, at least for me, is quite a boring month. Valentine's day doesn't hold too much weight in my heart and this part of the year begins to feel slow. You're back into your school routine, and everything is relatively back to normal, with the only thing to look forward to being spring break.

Even though you may feel fatigue starting to set in, you have to keep going.

This is not the time to fall back into old habits just because everything is back to normal. It's the time to push through the mundane-ness of it all and persevere. It's a running joke that "resolutioners" are already done by now. That they have all given up. Don't become that joke, don't give up.

Think of where you were this time last year. Are you in the same place? Have you grown? Do you want to grow? Are you longing for a change? Well, if you answered yes, I've said this once and I'll say it a million times over: change doesn't happen unless you do. Visualize where you want to be next year, remember why you started, and fall in love with the process, because it is the only way to achieve the change you are looking for.

I believe in you. I know it's hard, I really do. I too found myself in a rut at the beginning of February, but I didn't beat myself up over it. I got right back on to my grind. That's all you can do. You can regret any resets you've made for yourself, or you can work harder to continue the process. Any changes you are making are most likely lifestyle changes, and those take time. Be gentle with yourself – you're doing great.

Wishing you all a productive year of reaching your goals and achieving personal milestones. You've got this.

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