5 Pro-Tips To Keep Your Makeup In-Tact This Summer

5 Pro-Tips To Keep Your Makeup In-Tact This Summer

A natural, glowing finish is a timeless look that should be achieved with highlighter, not sweat.


There is nothing more satisfying than perfecting your makeup for a night out. Though, often times, the summer heat will get the better of your look, leaving you with a shiny residue of sweat and smeared products. This may also depend on your skin type, as drier textures tend to suffer lesser effects. If you fall victim to oily or combination skin, continue reading. Your face will thank you later.

1. Select an oil-free primer and base

There is something to be said for the oil-free products that have been created in this industry. By removing what was once thought to be a critical element of many products, you are avoiding the addition of excess shine to your skin. Selecting oil-free facial products will provide a firm, soft base to apply a light and creamy foundation without any added moisture.

2. Carry a package of blotting sheets in your purse

If you have yet to become acquainted with Clean&Clear's oil absorbing sheets, I can assure you that they are soon to be your new best friend. By simply carrying a package in your purse, you can easily combat any sweat or oil that may begin to seep through your foundation. These products are guaranteed to remove excess shine without smudging makeup, leaving your skin with a refreshed, matte look.

3. Reduce the application of highlighter

Natural, glowing skin is a timeless look that is often aided by the application of highlighter as a finishing touch. Throughout the bone-chilling months of winter, highlighter tends to be a staple of most looks. Though, in the summer, sweat can usually do the job for you. Applying a lighter coating of highlighter to select areas of your face will often leave you with a more subtle glow, but under these circumstances, it is critical to achieving the proper finish.

4. Make the switch from regular to waterproof eye products

To avoid the diminishing of the wings of your liner this summer, begin by purchasing the waterproof versions of your favorite eyeliner and mascara products. This will ensure that the makeup around your eyes will not dampen or run due to sweat or humidity, leaving you with a crisp, clean look. Though, if you're planning on attending a pool party, I suggest you skip this step entirely for the sake of sparing yourself from the ever-dreaded "raccoon eyes."

5. Swap out your matte lip coloring for a lighter gloss

Throughout the winter months, a matte lipstick is often an essential touch to creating a beautifully crafted look. It accentuates a dewy highlight without distracting from the radiance of your skin, and often stays on for hours at a time. Yet, in the summer, a matte lipstick may leave lips looking cracked and unfinished due to excess sun exposure. To avoid this dilemma, transition from a matte lip coloring to a lighter, airier lip gloss. Frequent reapplication may become necessary, but using this product in the heat will leave you with a cleaner and more youthful look.

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The Down-Low On Spending Winter Break Back Home In Southern California

What its really like celebrating "winter" here in Southern California, and why we call it Swinter!


It's winter in Southern California. This isn't really even a true winter, though.

The coldest it gets in the day is usually about 60 degrees during the daytime, and the sun is almost always shining.

Here in sunny SoCal we don't even call it winter. We call it Swinter.

Swinter basically combines summer and winter into one. We call it this because you can find people surfing in Huntington Beach or riding their bikes along the beach trail in Long Beach on Christmas.

Instead of a white Christmas, we get a standard sandy, sunny day.

Also, we aren't cuddled up near the fireplace with mugs of hot cocoa in our hands on that festive day. Most of us have ice-cold sodas or other various cold drinks in our hands.

The temperature is nice enough to have the sliding glass doors open to smell the ocean breeze that comes in through the windows.

Even in December and January, you can see people walking around wearing a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a windbreaker and some flip-flops here in Southern California. Christmas dinners are attended in dresses or skirts instead of sweaters and pants.

Heaters aren't usually turned on, but, of course, some soft, fluffy blankets are used because, well, they are just truly amazing.

Ice cream is something that can be easily be eaten while standing outside of the local ice cream shop without turning into a piece of ice yourself.

Sometimes, however, this nice weather on Christmas can get a little boring and old after a while. We dream about having a snowball fight on Christmas morning or waking up to open presents with a large cup of cocoa in your hands warming your freezing fingers.

We dream about turning on "Elf" or another Christmas movie while the fire is growing warmer and warmer filling the house with the smell of fall and with warmth.

Yes, we have these marvelous dreams of cold December nights and brisk January mornings, but, in all honesty, a sun-shiny winter isn't all that bad.

Growing up in California my entire life, these are the Christmases that I know the best. I couldn't imagine celebrating this holiday with my friends and family any other way because it's something different and fun that we get to experience year after year.

Being able to wear denim shorts and some sandals in the middle of December is pretty amazing, and I am oh so very glad that it's something we get to do here in this beachy state.

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