6 Kayaking Destinations In Florida That Will Leave You Breathless
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6 Kayaking Destinations In Florida That Will Leave You Breathless

Kayaking in Florida is an excellent idea. You just need to know where you are going to do it. Here is a checklist of Florida's top kayaking destinations.

6 Kayaking Destinations In Florida That Will Leave You Breathless

Kayaking is an adventure that everyone should experience. It is a pleasurable activity that helps heal the mind and keep your physique in check.

Of course, being in the right place is also a factor that determines the quality of your kayaking session. It is for this reason why paddlers are always searching for the perfect opportunity to visit Florida.

Florida is a haven when it comes to scenery and expansive natural wonders. It offers great views that can easily enthrall the hearts of people. Beautiful beaches, rivers, and lakes are also sprawling in this place. It is no wonder why it is considered by many as one of the final frontiers for every kayaking enthusiast.

If it is your first time in the Sunshine State, here are some of the kayaking destinations that I can recommend to you. These routes will never disappoint you at all!

1. Blackwater River

Your journey in Florida is not complete if you cannot set foot on its very own Blackwater River. The latter is a 56.6-mile stretch that connects Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico. However, most of its parts pass through the numerous counties of Florida, making it a very long river.

Ironically, the Blackwater River doesn't display black or grayish coloration. Instead, it has golden brown water with visible transparency, especially on the area where the white sandbars are.

There's an unadulterated ecosystem that embraces the entirety of the Blackwater River. You can definitely feel a sense of calm and tranquil while you are traversing its trails. Kayaking is a favorite activity here. Local guides are present to help you out. Since the river is generally smooth, it is a perfect destination for amateurs paddlers. Bring your beginner kayak here and start enjoying!

2. Suwannee River Paddling Trail

There is a looming wonder that waits to be explored in the Suwannee River.

The Suwannee River is arguably the most iconic river throughout Florida. It stretches up to 171 miles, making it one of the largest rivers in the state. It requires time before you can successfully kayak this entire course.

The river starts at the Okefenokee Swamp in the southern part of Georgia and intersects through the entire northern region of Florida. The river ends at the Gulf of Mexico. You can just imagine how long it is. While kayaking here, you shouldn't be surprised anymore if you can encounter a lot of springs and settlements. Expect the teeming wildlife to welcome you as you are paddling through this river.

Keep in mind that the Suwannee River has varying levels of difficulty. In some parts, it is easy to paddle while others prove to be too technical. You need to ask the local guides where's the perfect spot for your skill level!

3. Coastal Dune Lakes, Grayton Beach

Many of us have generic visualizations when the word "beaches" is mentioned. Whitesands. Vast oceans. Pristine shores. Fresh breeze. However, I bet that only a few of you would think that a beach can also be situated near lakes. Indeed, it is a peculiar sight, but never impossible to be drawn out.

When you are in Florida, this kind of setup is actually existing. You should visit Grayton Beach State Park and see what I am talking about. This place offers a beautiful beach that is coupled with not one but three lakes! Specifically, this natural phenomenon is called coastal dune lakes.

It is quite amazing that coastal dune lakes only occur in four countries across the globe. In the United States, it is in Florida and Oregon.

The name of the lakes is Little Redfish, Western Lake, and Little Redfish. Fortunately, kayaking in these lakes is permitted. You have a lot of choices to choose from!

4. Weeki Wachee

As a spring-fed river, Weeki Wachee is one amazing natural spectacle in Florida. It offers deep blue water that courses through some counties and communities in Central Florida. The current here is fairly bearable and smooth in most days, which makes it a perfect destination for paddling with your family and friends.

Specifically, Weeki Wachee river stretches from Weeki Wachee Springs to the Gulf of Mexico. Honestly, this place became popular because of the attractions present on the Weeki Wachee Springs. However, this doesn't discount the fact that the river itself is majestic on its own right. Most of its parts showcase vivid transparency. You can see what's below!

5. Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Despite the flashy reputation of Florida, it still doesn't lack agricultural regions, especially if you are in North Florida. Coincidentally, Ichetucknee Springs State Park of its fantastic flatlands.

The springs are truly mesmerizing because of their surreal aesthetics. It is as if the waters have not been touched by man yet. The springs are so crystal clear that some people tout it as the clearest water that exists in the world. Even the river that stems from the springs have the same heavenly traits as well.

Tubing and swimming are only seasonal in the state park. However, you can do canoeing and kayaking all-year round. Because it is a state park, getting a permit might be a necessary procedure before you can hop in your boat.

Both the Ichetucknee river and springs are rich in wildlife. River otters, turtles, and blue heron are distinct residents of these water bodies. Go further in the river, and you will see limestone and Cyprus banks, which, according to the locals, are already ancient in the place.

6. Rainbow River

The Rainbow River is an A-class kayaking destination in Florida. The waters in this river are derived from the equally popular Rainbow springs. Believe it or not, the river offers a gentle stream. It is a great spot for those who want to do dawdle in the waters all day long.

Compared to other rivers that I listed here, the Rainbow River is rather short. It is only six miles as it abruptly ends to connect to the Withlacoochee River. But along the excursion, you will find a myriad of flora and fauna that is iconic to the entire state. Wildlife is abundant here.

Which among these kayaking destinations in Florida do you want to visit? Comment your answers below!

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