Last week, I wrote about the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so you might be wondering why I decided to write about the British royal family again this week. It's not because I'm possibly their biggest fan (even though that might be true), but instead, it's because I have seen something become a constant on my social media pages and even in the actual media that needs to stop.

It's time to quit comparing Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

I have seen people comparing their wedding dresses (Can you believe Meghan wore something so simple to a ROYAL wedding? Wow, Kate's was way out there, she was trying too hard). Katy Perry even said that Kate "won" the contest between who had the better wedding dress. (Last I checked, there wasn't a contest.) People have compared their hair, their makeup, their style choices, and if Meghan and Harry ever have children, then there will surely be comparisons of who is the better mother and whose children would make better kings or queens.

Surely the queen must like Meghan better since she was allowed to join the royal family for their Christmas service before she was married into the family, right? (Honestly, Harry was probably so head over heels for her so the queen made an exception). Well, Kate remembered to curtsey after marrying William, while Meghan didn't, so the queen is probably bitter about that. (I'm sure Meghan was just nervous as are most women on their wedding day and simply forgot, and I'm sure the queen understands that. She got married once too, you know?)

There was even an ordeal about what Kate wore to Harry and Meghan's wedding because people thought she was trying to upstage the bride. (Her dress was lemon colored people, I promise). It's almost like the media is trying to create an issue between the two Duchesses where there is no issue.

These comparisons and fake rivalries need to stop.

Both Kate and Meghan seem like amazing women who care deeply about the role they have stepped into. They care about the issues their country faces, and they care about doing their part to ensure changes are made. They are both beautiful in whatever they choose to wear that particular day. Kate seems like a great mother, and should Meghan ever decide to have children, I'm sure she will also make an amazing mother.

Don't get me wrong, they are two different women with two very different backgrounds, who both just happened to marry a prince. They are passionate about different things, and it's those things that people and the media should be focusing on.

Instead of focusing on these ladies' clothing and hair decisions, let's talk about the different things they are each doing to try and make the world a better place, because THAT is worth being in the media. Who wore what better is not.