Kanye Says He Is Running For President In 2020, But Don't Laugh Just Yet

Kanye Says He Is Running For President In 2020, But Don't Laugh Just Yet

Now more than ever, the Presidency is becoming a part of pop culture.


Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised. If you think that big change is coming with the possibility of Donald Trump in the Oval Office, imagine what our country would look like with President Yeezus as Commander-in-Chief.

I know. It doesn't seem possible that Kanye West would actually run for president, much less earn a spot on the ticket in 2020. But consider this: A year ago, if I had told you that Donald Trump was probably going to win the Republican nomination in 2016, what would you have said? You probably would have laughed in my face. The fact that Trump has a legitimate shot at the Oval Office is, to me, proof that the Presidency is starting to assimilate into pop culture more than ever.

This has been happening ever since the presidential debate between JFK and Nixon was the first ever to be televised. The presence of television changed the way presidential campaigns were conducted and how elections were won on a monumental scale. Presidents, and politicians in general, became more than public servants once TV started to take off and become more available. They became celebrities.

But the celebrity role was, and always has been, a secondary role for past U.S. presidents and politicians (excluding people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who give an eye-opening amount of legitimacy to celebrities that get into politics). Donald Trump is many things, but a politician isn't one of them. After you peel off the faces he wears in real estate and television, Trump is a celebrity through and through. He is nothing more than a personality to most people. Life in the spotlight means that your identity, at least to the audience (or in a presidential candidate's case, to the voters), is not up for you to decide. How the public reacts to what you say and do will go directly into the construct of who you are to the millions of people that pay attention to you.

So how crazy will a President Yeezy really sound when 2020 finally does roll around?

Donald Trump, who I believe to operate within the same realm of fame and notoriety as Kanye West, has the GOP primary well within his reach. Think about that. What if, in some nonsensical delirium, Trump is elected President of the United States next year. What if he actually does well as President? Will we start to look to other public figures to give it a shot?

Here's a scenario that's equal parts hilarious and terrifying: imagine if every major celebrity "category," from the athletes to the actors, were to nominate their most successful representative to run for president. In this nutty alternate reality, I don't think the music industry would be too far off in sending Kanye to the podium. The athletes, to my dismay, would probably send LeBron. If they have any sense at all, the delegates from the film industry would send Tom Cruise. Once everyone picks their candidates, the world's most absurd popularity contest would begin and Americans will have actually accomplished what most of the world already believes to be true.

We will have turned our country into a reality TV show.

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