Kanye West's Kids Could Be Seriously Affected By His Recent Breakdown And It's Serious
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Kanye West's Kids Could Be Affected By His Recent Breakdown And It's Serious

All jokes aside, he needs serious help.

Kanye West's Kids Could Be Affected By His Recent Breakdown And It's Serious

On July 20, Kanye West held his first "presidential" rally that began his campaign to be the 46th president of the United States. There are several reasons why Kanye shouldn't be president and why Gen Z shouldn't vote for him to be cute, but that's another story for another time. During his rally, Kanye had a breakdown when speaking about how he wanted Kim to abort their firstborn daughter, North.

Kanye broke into tears speaking about how his mother, Donda, saved his life because his dad wanted to abort him because he was "too busy to have children." He took a moment to pause before continuing by screaming through tears that he almost killed his daughter. Many celebrities and concerned on-lookers rushed to social media to express how they feel like Kanye is on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Kim has since come forward to address Kanye's recent outbreaks on her Instagram stories by saying, "As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder..." Kim went on to say that she says if anybody who knows anything about bi-polar disorder, it can be a difficult thing to deal with and that she chooses to not address how Kanye's outcries affect them as a family because wants to protect their children as well as honor Kanye's right to privacy when it comes to his health.

Kanye has had outbreaks before, but this is very serious and could leave lasting effects on his kids, especially his oldest daughter, North. All of the children can be affected equally, but given that Kanye publicly admitted that he wanted to abort his daughter, imagine the bullying North will have to deal with when she gets older. She will forever hear people say, "Your dad didn't want you" or "You should've been aborted."

About 33.9 percent of all children suffer from a mental illness due to their fathers' illness and 32.3 percent as a result of their mothers' illness. The children of celebrities are no different, especially if those children are coming from a home where mental illness is prevalent. I always fear for celebrity children who are raised in a home where their parents suffer from a mental illness only because it can become a generational cycle and take decades to be broken.

I believe that Kim is doing what she has to as a mother to protect her children the best she can, but keeping them away from Kanye could be good or bad - there's no sure-fire way to tell. Kanye does need psychiatric help so he can be a man who his kids are proud of and to avoid any more outbreaks like this. Given Kanye is very open about his disorder, he is exhibiting the typical attitude towards mental illness that most black men have and that is that "black men should not have a mental disorder." To them, it shows signs of weakness and that is where toxic masculinity comes into play.

Society is already critical of Kanye, ever since he jumped on stage at the VMAs and interrupted Taylor Swift. From that moment on, everyone has had a preconceived notion about him and chose to focus on making him be the bad guy and he has now become someone who can hurt himself, his friendships, and his marriage. Although I do not support his bid for President and I believe that Kim and his friends should tell him that he needs to focus more on his mental health instead of seeking the Oval Office, we all need to remember that he is still human and has underlying feelings we should be aware of because the things that are on the Internet will stay forever and his kids will know about what he has said and done.

Don't you think that's punishment enough?

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