Monitoring Juuls Is For Parents, Not Governments

E-cigs have been around for as long as I can remember. They were floating around my high school, years ago in 2012 before the Juul was even created. However, lately, the FDA has been attacking the Juul company in particular, accusing them of marketing towards teens. This attack is much like the campaign against cigarettes, years ago. However, it is absolutely within our rights as adults to be able to smoke both cigarettes and Juuls.

While looking at the packaging of a Juul, as well as the pods, it does not appear to be marketing towards teens the way a lot of vape juices do. I can understand how certain vape juices may look like they are marketing to underage consumers due to the candy-like packaging. This might be something that the FDA can change, limiting the use of fruits and bright colors, that compel teens to get their hands on. By keeping the advertising dull, like most all cigarettes, the appeal of the product for teens may drop. Many others, including myself, feel as though Juul avoids this issue entirely.

Instead of taking away a right of adults, high schools and parents should take on more of the responsibility of keeping the Juul out of their child's hands. By paying more attention, and keeping a closer eye on your teen's everyday life the best of both worlds may be achieved. Of course, some teens will do whatever it takes to attain a Juul, but the same is true for regular cigarettes. It makes no sense why the Juul should be outlawed, but cigarettes are not. The advertising on the Juul boxes is just about the same as cigarettes.

Juul's marketing team was obviously careful in their advertising in order to avoid this very issue. If Juul's are outlawed, who is to say that vapes will not be next? Many people that I have met use vapes as a tool to stop smoking. If vapes are outlawed, it will then become a lot harder for everyday smokers to quit smoking cigarettes.

The Juul pod's packaging also avoids this issue, in my opinion. The boxes are white with black script. There use of color is only used to distinguish between the pod's flavor. There is no use of cartoon script of images of fruits on any type of packaging.

The FDA is going after Juul hard, in hopes of outlawing the product. In the next few months, it will be very interesting to see how the company handles this issue.

When the FDA first attacked Juul, the company started putting a disclaimer on their products in hopes of being more clear about the health risks of the product. The main issue of the FDA is that the company may be marketing towards teens, but overall, it is evident that Juul is not to blame.

I believe that anything that restricts the rights of Americans, is not okay. Due to the childlike behavior of teens, it is about to have a direct effect on adults. This is not okay, and the problem is not having to do with 18+ and 21+ (depending on the state) consumers. If you are old enough to make the decision to buy an E-cig, then it should most certainly be legal.

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