N I C O T I N E.


Nicotine is probably my least favorite word. I hate it. Most people know what nicotine is at this point and if you don't, I'll explain. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Addictive. Say it again, addictive. It can contribute to the hardening of your arterial walls, which can lead to a heart attack. Are we on the same page? Cool.

Don't ever touch a JUUL. Seriously. I get that it's cool and all, and if you're gonna experiment once or twice that's fine. I wouldn't even recommend that but if you have to, then okay. But if you've never touched it, just stay away. This is how kids get roped into addictions. And trust me, I've seen a thing or two about nicotine addicts.

When you're the person that's trying to help someone, it can be really hard. Extremely hard, in fact. When the person you love uses nicotine, you do everything you can to get them better. You suggest therapy, you suggest picking a quit date, you do everything. But what happens when that person doesn't want anything to do with quitting? It costs you the relationship.

Nicotine for me is a dealbreaker. I don't like smoking. I don't like people who willingly smoke, and I don't like addicted college kids who use the JUUL to be cool. It's immature. And if you want to be mature, you do what you can to get over that addiction. How would your parents feel if they found out? I had to let go of someone I once loved because the nicotine was a little more important to that person than the future of the relationship. And that's okay, because different people have different priorities, so it set me straight.

Nicotine causes headaches and nausea. It's disgusting. Smoking's linked to about 90% of lung-related deaths every year. And don't give me the bullsh*t, "Yeah it's vape it's not the same." Just because there aren't enough studies doesn't mean what you're doing is okay. On average smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. And if you have asthma? Good luck. Asthmatics are exposed to all sorts of chemical irritants and because their airways are a lot more sensitive, inhalation can trigger bronchial spasms.

I could go on and on about how much I hate nicotine. Seriously, it's disgusting. Stop ruining your bodies now for temporary pleasure. It'll really catch up to you later. It's a waste of money trying to buy pods and e-juice when you could be putting that money down for something else. This is really my take. If you like vaping or doing nicotine, good for you. I just hope you're aware of the effects and what it can cost you in the long run.