Oftentimes, we find ourselves wanting something, or someone, yet for various reasons we hold ourselves back.

Whether it be out of nerves or fear of things not working out, more often than not we choose to take the easy way out, and ultimately, that way out leads us absolutely nowhere.

Over the course of the past year, I decided to take it upon myself to start doing the things I want to do, rather than holding back for fear that it won't work in my favor. Though it's cliche, if you never try you'll never know, and I decided it was time to start going after whatever kept me up at night.

If you sit idly rather than taking action and making moves toward accomplishing whatever it is that might be setting your heart on fire right now, you are allowing that something to pass you by, and you might end up missing your chance. Instead, I think we should all just be shooting our shot, so to speak.

Regardless of what the situation might be, put yourself out there. Just do it. Who cares what other people might think of your boldness? If you take the initiative and make a move, there's always that chance that it might end up working out, and if it does work out you will be so glad you took that step, even though it may have been scary.

It is always going to be easier to turn away. However, the real test of character comes when you take initiative and put yourself out there, taking steps to achieve whatever it is that is occupying your mind.

If you ask me, anything that you find yourself obsessing over when you first wake up, or before you fall asleep, is something that is worth it. It is worth taking the risk, because the reward could be greater than you think. For me, when I started taking these risks, I found that I actually experienced a boost in my confidence, because as you get into the practice of tackling things head on, you end up gaining a certain level of courage that you may not have had before. In time, that courage builds until you don't really experience quite as much trepidation as you once did, and from there on, the decisions get easier and easier.

If we don't even try to reach for the things we want, what are we doing? Wasting time.