September 5th is known as “Be Late For Something Day”

As a person who loves to be on time, this was hard but it makes sense. Why can’t we be late for one thing in our life? I can think of a few things to be late for and have actually experienced them first hand. Here are some things that we could all be late for at least once.

1. Being Late For Class

Oh my goodness, I always thought throughout school that it was a bad thing to be late to class when it actually can be a good lesson learned to always be on time for important things because sometimes the door can close and be locked.

2. Being Late To A Meeting

Kind of following the same rule may be a good lesson learned, but sometimes you can’t help but be late.

3. Being Late For Work

I cringe at the thought of being late for work, but I have been late to work on accident, not on purpose. I know we all don’t want to have our boss yelling at us asking “Why are you late?!” or “You have no excuses to be late!” but if you have a chilled boss I would try being late to work but only one time!

4. Being Late For A Family Dinner

Another thing that we all cringe at because we know if we are late to anything family related we won’t hear the end of it. But you if can be late for one thing family related I would think a family dinner would be the thing to be late for.

5. Being Late To A Wedding

Please don’t be the bride or groom! Everyone freaks out when that happens thinking all sorts of things. As a guest, I would think maybe as the groomsmen are marching in and not walking in while the bride is walking down the aisle and not while they're walking out.

6. Being Late For A Party

We have all done this before but for the ones who haven’t, well you should try it sometime. Could be fun to your surprise.

7. Being Late For Sports Events

To all my tailgating people y’all do not like the words you are reading. Yes! Tailgating is the center of a sports event and you want the best parking spot and the best spot to set everything up, but maybe for once just sleep in a little longer and see what happens you could still have a good time without those best spots!

8. Being Late For A Concert

Concerts you want to be right at the stage with your favorite singer but are so hungry or were so stressed getting to the venue that you can’t enjoy the show. Please be late for once and enjoy the experience!

9. Being Late For Your Funeral

Yes, I said it and you're wondering how?? Well, leave it in your will or someone that you know that will do it! Sure it will be a sad day but, maybe you being late to your own funeral will lighten the mood for everyone.

To my people who will always be late: