Just Because A Song Is Slow Doesn't Mean It's Powerful

Just Because A Song Is Slow Doesn't Mean It's Powerful

Don't try to mess with Robyn's Dancing On My Own.

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I hate when people think a song is more powerful when it is done slowly.

Okay, let me tell you why that is. I will tell you the reason for my ever present hatred. One of my favorite songs to dance to is the classic Dancing On My Own by Robyn. It has been for years. However, one day, I came across a different version of this beyond genius song: the Calum Scott version, and I was buying the farm right then and there. It was pure torture.

Calum Scott practically took a smart, fabulous, nice, fun person and threw her or him in a pile of compost.

That's despicable. That's heinous. That's horrendous. That's odious.

None of those words accurately describe how bad Calum Scott's version of Dancing On My Own is. He takes the entire essence of the song away. The song is about dancing on your own! It says it right in the title.

Maybe that is merely my take of the song. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I'll tell you one thing. It doesn't feel like I am. Calum Scott's version of Dancing On My Own is what feels wrong.

I feel like everyone I meet likes his version more. Everyone who covers Robyn's timeless tune actually sings Calum Scott's version. Why is that? Tell me the reason. It is painful. Because all I hear is that his version is so much more meaningful. It messes with my head, honestly, because how can something that takes away the essence of the original song be more meaningful. Unless the song is One Call Away by Charlie Puth or any song by Ansel Elgort. Anything could make those better.

Yes, that is my reasoning for loathing most slower versions of songs. Not all, but I will be forever perplexed that people think that due to a couple dragged out words and a slow tempo they hold more weight than the faster ones.

That is crazy,and I will stand by my point of view until the end of time. Robyn's by far superior version is everything it is supposed to be and captures every emotion that she is feeling perfectly, but Calum Scott's version turns up flat and is one dimensional. He turns a groundbreaking tune into a stereotype. He tears the song apart.

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