5 Reasons Why Rue's and Jules' Friendship in Euphoria is Toxic
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5 Reasons Why Rue's and Jules' Friendship in Euphoria is Toxic

This is for all of you that managed to jump on to the Euphoria bandwagon late like I did.

Rue bandaging up Jules injured arm after a rough night.

If you are not aware, a new sneak peek bonus episode for Euphoria has been released preceding season 2.

If you are like me, I had heard about Euphoria last year but I never got around to watching it. With all the boredom that came from quarantining and not being able to do much over the holidays, I thought that it would be a perfect time to start the series.

I fell in love.

Surprisingly, my mom was the one that suggested I watch it. And she wanted to watch it with me. Not going to lie. It was pretty uncomfortable watching it with her at some parts. Overall I think she came to understand more about our generation. She has always been one of those moms that didn't understand why our age group was so obsessed with phones. The series really helped to shed a bit of light on why our generation is so messed up.

For me, I realized how I related to many of the themes that became apparent throughout the series. This comforted me, and also disgusted me as I didn't realize how society's own perception of our age group had made such an impact.

It was this that made me addicted to the show. I watched it all in one sitting with no regrets.

Honestly, I wish I had seen it earlier.

But what struck me differently was although the friendship between Rue and Jules is romanticized throughout the series, there is a lot of toxic traits occurring between the two.

Here I will bring them to light.

Rue Is So Reserved Around Jules

Rue listening to Jules talk on their first day of school.


Whenever the two are hanging around one another, Jules always managed to be her outgoing, adventurous-self when Rue always manages to be stressed by her self-destructive behavior and trying to read into her actions. In other words, Jules makes Rue overthink and amplifies her own anxiety issues. She doesn't feel like herself around Jules. Rue even manages to ask Jules if she wishes she were different. This just helps to amplify Rue's dependence and low self-esteem when she is around Jules. She doubts that she is good enough for Jules which is a major red flag.

Rue Is Dependent On Jules

Rue stares into Jules eyes with their foreheads touching.


There is a lot of comparison between drug addiction and Rue and Jules' friendship. We see that Rue decides to be clean for Jules, as Jules threatens that she won't be friends with her if she continues to do drugs. Jules becomes Rue's new addiction and when they grow apart, it almost manages to kill Rue as it causes her to go into a deep depression. When Jules leaves for the city without her, Rue walks home and struggles to breathe as if her heart has been ripped out. It is this loneliness and separation that makes Rue relapse. This dependence reveals the unhealthiness of the relationship.

Jules Doesn't Like To Be Tied Down By Rue

Jules at Halloween party realizing the trouble amidst her relationship with Rue.


It is pretty obvious that it isn't easy to handle all of Rue's issues. She has a lot of problems, and during the show, she has multiple relapses. She struggles significantly to recover, and she is often in need of others to help her. After her encounter with Fentanyl, Jules seems to distance herself and doesn't want to deal with all of Rue's issues. Rue strives to be in a comforting relationship, while Jules strives to be free.

Jules Dismisses Rue's Feelings

Rue experiencing a high after taking some opiates at a party.


As mentioned in the previous point, both Rue and Jules are wanting something different out of their friendship. It bothers Rue how Jules is able to freely go about and willingly give her nudes over to strangers. Rue wants an actual genuine relationship where she can be appreciated. When Rue decides to take nude pictures for Jules to send online, Rue acts uncomfortable with the situation, but Jules brushes it off. We also see this when Jules pushes Rue into the pool at the Halloween party and also when they are getting ready to go to the formal and Jules talks about Anna. Rue is also emotionally traumatized after they kiss, and both of them avoid talking about it afterward. A good significant other would address these issues and bring them to light so they can be resolved immediately. This reveals how closed Rue's and Jules' relationship actually is.

Jules Leaves Rue Behind

Jules and Rue discussing taking an adventure to the city.


One of the most captivating scenes of the series is when Rue and Jules compulsively decide to move to the city and get out of their town as they despise it so much. At first, Rue is exhilarated by the thought of leaving and having Jules all to herself. But as they get closer to the train station, Rue realizes she can't leave her family and she doesn't have her medication. In the end, she likes the idea of leaving with Jules, but she knows how much she would end up leaving behind. Even though Rue managed to initiate the adventure to the city, Jules continues to push her to come with her and ignores the fragility of Rue's mental state. Instead of being there for Rue, and understanding her concerns, she selfishly leaves for the city for her own desires. Rue doesn't matter enough to make her stay. In the end, Rue wanted to prove that she is more like Jules, and she realizes she can't live the life that Jules wants to live. This breaks her heart, as she realizes she can't be with the person she loves so dearly.

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