Judges Are Fighting Donald Trump's Immigration Policies

Donald Trump has lashed out at a federal judge who fought the president's refugee ban, allowing visa holders to retain their place.

Via Twitter (of course it was on Twitter!!), the president called the movement to temporarily block his executive order "ridiculous."

The judge is in the right ensure that green card holders and people who have been trapped in airports over the past week were able to come in smoothly. The ban sounds like a common-sense safety measure, sure. The problem is, the ban affected even people who had already been vetted and held valid visas. That's not a safety precaution; that's just "we don't want you, now go away." The other problem is that the ban is clearly religious bigotry-- targeting predominantly Islamic countries and showing preference to Christian refugees.

When President Trump signed an executive order banning Syrians and refugees from other Muslim-dominated countries, but giving priority to Christian refugees, he violated the very core of American values. I don't care if "Obama did it first". A conservative, Republican president should go higher and do better than a liberal Democrat. A true conservative would protect national security, but still values religious liberty.

True, the president is doing exactly what he promised to do in 2015. His actions the past week, and his anger towards opponents, are completely unsurprising. But the actions are still a little horrifying, as are the defenses Trump's supporters give.

If America is "a shining city on a hill," as Ronald Reagan described it, the city gates must remain open to everyone, regardless of race or religion. As Trump moves to ban Muslims, Latinos and others, he's telling the world "Life, religious liberty, and is important-- but only for white, Christian Americans."

Americans, and especially American, Christian conservatives who identify as "pro-life" should be the most vocal against wall-building efforts, religiously motivated refugee bans and deporting already-properly vetted immigrants. We value life and liberty above all else. We should value them for every human being. If we call ourselves pro-life, we can't support a raging bigot. Either every life is valuable, or none of them are.

I applaud the judges and immigration lawyers who have fought the president over the past week. I applaud anyone who will ensure safe, smooth transitions for those seeking freedom and a better future. After all, the oldest American tradition is that of people from every background seeking religious liberty and a better life.

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