College classes have started back up again, and as they did, one of my classes for my major, Mass Communications, educated me on a movement in our country started by the Boston Globe. Journalists are not the enemy of the people.

For those of you who don't know, it is stated in our Constitution that we have freedom of speech, as well as freedom of the press. Our ancestors made this a law so if any president was being untruthful, the press could expose them. It's to keep our government in line.

Over 350 newspapers came to an agreement that journalists are not the enemy. Liberal newspapers agreed with conservative newspapers. If NEWSPAPERS can agree upon something, don't you think we can?

The media has a lot of power, and yes, lately, they haven't been using their power to the best of their ability. However, just because President Donald Trump says that journalists are scum does not mean you have to agree.

Journalists are out here trying to uncover the truth, not spin lies to make you disbelieve them.

This problem stems from the idea of "fake news" as well as our President belittling the roles of journalists.

That being said, you cannot believe that liberal journalists are terrible just because you happen to be a conservative. You cannot believe that conservative journalists are terrible because you are a liberal.

We all need to stop thinking that news is black and white. It's not. It is a gray area.

Journalists are not the enemy. I am not your enemy. We are not each other's enemies. We are all human. We all have beliefs. It's time we stop belittling each other for them.