I Joined A Sorority, And Thank God

I Joined A Sorority, And Thank God

Recruitment was stressful, but I couldn’t ask for anything more.

First semester of freshman year is undoubtedly stressful. I looked to my friends at southern schools who went through sorority recruitment in the fall and were able to jump right into the social scene, and everything else that came with going Greek. I will admit that I was jealous and felt like I was really missing out. I was dying to rush and meet a gazillion new friends.

Of course, upon actually jumping into the recruitment process, I questioned why I had ever thought that at all. Why is being judged on your appearance all day, every day, for five days fun? Why is this so glorified? Why am I putting myself through this on purpose? Many of my friends decided to drop out of the recruitment process halfway through because they decided that it wasn't for them, and I had to wonder the same thing about myself.

I received a bid from the Villanova Zeta Alpha chapter of Delta Gamma on Bid Day, and I was beyond thrilled, but also beyond scared. I was in, but was I really? I didn’t actually have friends yet. I had “sisters,” most of whom I had never met in my life. What if everyone was fake during recruitment? What if this isn’t what I thought it was going to be? My mind ran a thousand miles a minute, and thank God I slammed on the brakes. Something about this felt very, very right. Stopping my mind from running through the possibilities of how this could turn out horribly forced me to focus on what about this could be amazing.

Over the next few weeks, as a new member, I was thrust into meetings. Business-like and informational meetings, yes, but also meetings such as Meet the Seniors, Meet the Juniors, Meet the Sophomores, Meet Your Pledge Class, and so on! I attended event after event after event and it didn’t feel like a chore- instead I felt energized and excited and happy almost all the time. I thought, I can really do this!

Of course, now the New Member Period is slowing down, but I still feel the same way that I did on Bid Day. Everyone in my pledge class is so incredibly friendly and fun—they’re the type of people who I really want to spend the next three and a half years with at school. I feel so blessed to have a Big whom I LOVE and a huge group of girls as a support system.

So yeah, I joined a sorority, and I guess there’s some preconceived notions about who I am or who I could become. But honestly, if I’m any different, it’s for the better. I’m better, happier, more social, more comfortable, more outgoing, more of everything good in my life.

Cover Image Credit: Annie Condodina

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9 Ways To Survive Sorority Recruitment

Spring recruitment is upon us... and you'll definitely need these tips on how to get through it.


As someone who originally didn't want to go Greek but rushed anyway, here are nine things I had no idea what to expect when rushing a sorority. As Spring recruitment is upon us, here are nine tips I wish someone would have told me before and during recruitment:

1. Plan ahead.

It might not be your thing, but preparing outfits and a personal schedule for recruitment will help you more than you know and save you SO much time. That extra time can be used to catch more ZzzZzZs... (trust me, you'll want it).

2. Don't sweat it.

You may feel like a conversation with a girl at a house you like didn't go well or exactly the way you wanted it to, but don't let it bother you as much as it potentially could. It's not the end of the world, and you really don't know how she felt about you either (most of the time you're just overthinking it).

3. Be yourself, even though it's cliché.

Don't change who you are to match the image of a sorority you find desirable. If you feel like you need to do that, it's probably not the right place for you anyway. Express yourself how you normally would and ask all the questions that you have.

4. It's okay to feel upset, but don't give up on it. 

There will be moments when you think the process is so hard that it's not worth it or when you feel that it's not going your way...but don't give up on it. Many times, the process has a way of working itself out so that you end up in the best possible place.

5. Take notes.

Write down things you liked and disliked about each sorority you visited. If you go to a bigger school, there will be lots of girls to remember and I guarantee you it will be much harder without notes. Looking back to see what you wrote right after visiting each sorority will ensure that some thoughts and opinions you had don't get lost in translation.

6. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks.

It's inevitable that you'll hear conversations among other potential new members regarding what sororities they liked and disliked. Many times, those conversations may be harsh. Don't let that persuade you away from or towards certain houses. Follow what you feel (sometimes negative words come from anger and jealousy).


Every heard of Greek Rank? If so, forget about it. Seriously...it means nothing, I promise you. Follow your head and your heart, not a website.

8. Be genuine and kind.

You may not like a house, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still show the girls kindness. The last thing you should do is purposely turn it off to people just because you're uninterested. Don't be that girl.

9. Get as much sleep as possible.

SAVE UP ON ZZZZZZs. YOU WILL THANK ME. Recruitment consists of extremely long days of talking...although it may not sound hard to some people, it surely is, and your body will let you know that quickly. After a day of recruitment, try your best to go home and hit the sheets right away.

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