It's almost July, which means it's almost time for school to start back again (I know it's hard to contain your excitement). For those of you heading off to college, you have probably heard how important it is for you to get involved in something, and you might be wondering what organizations you could join. For some that might be a sorority/fraternity, or a student government. You might join the band or a campus ministry. Or, you might join all of the above. If you come from an agriculture background, or are pursuing a degree in an agricultural field, you should think about joining Sigma Alpha-the largest professional agricultural sorority in the nation.

Sigma Alpha was founded in 1978 at The Ohio State University, and it cultivates "sisters in agriculture" by encouraging women to be prevalent in the agriculture community. Its philanthropies, Agriculture in the Classroom and Heifer International, are both great organizations that teach children about agriculture and help make communities in third world countries sustainable by providing them with a farm animal, respectively. The experiences I've gained by being a member are some of the greatest experiences I've had in college.

When I first decided to rush Sigma Alpha, I really just wanted a group to be a part of. I was looking for friends with similar career interests as me, because I hadn't yet found that in college. Immediately, I knew I was part of something bigger. My fellow sisters have never done anything but supported me in all my endeavors. They cheer me on when I succeed and pick me up when I fall. I have gained an even greater respect for agriculture as a whole, as well as the individual facets of it.

While it is a professional sorority, that doesn't mean we don't have fun. We have social events with our brother fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho (if you're a boy reading this, look into joining AGR!!). There are multiple sisterhood events throughout the semester which enable us to get to know our fellow sisters better. We have a formal each spring and coke dates during the school year. We even have a hand sign just like the sororities you probably think of when you think of sororities. (go baby bulls!)

If you are a girl and are trying to decide what organization(s) to give your time to while you're in college, I seriously think you should consider Sigma Alpha. If you have any interest in agriculture, we would be glad to have you. Besides, you might just end up having the time of your life.