There is a problem with what Joel Osteen has done in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and it gives me a sour feeling in my stomach. He claims to be preaching God's word, but most of this is a hypocritical and heretical prosperity gospel. If you read his books, Joel Osteen sounds more like a self-help author. His hypocrisy was shown to be true during his response to Hurricane Harvey.

Joel Osteen refused to open the doors to Lakewood Church for more then 6 days after the disaster came. This was only because he was criticized greatly for doing so.

The God of the Bible shows love and humility and cares for those in need. Joel Osteen with as large church complex as his, decided to seemingly ignore his fellow Texans for a while.

Joel Osteen is an elitist. He wears nice ties, and most of his church sessions seem more like motivational speeches or infomercials nowadays. The feel good vibe doesn't help, especially given the modern world we live in. Joel Osteen is an example of one of they very things wrong with false teachers out there today.

It is his decision on whether he wants to open the doors or not. However, he isn't supposed to be a business man or large home owner. He owns and preaches at a church complex. If he doesn't help, then he is expected to receive criticism on his hypocrisy.