Jobless Ways To Make Money This Summer

Getting a part time job is the conventional route. However, applying for a new seasonal part time position and competing with all the other broke college and high school applicants can be very difficult.


Summer is the time when you’re supposed to make all your money for next semester, but when June starts and you’re still jobless it may seem hopeless. Do not fret. There are lots of ways to make tons of money without a steady job. 

Join an event staffing company.

Event staffing is something that you wouldn't really think about when looking to make money, but many companies that do traveling events like marathons, promotions, samples, fashion shows, etc., do not have staff that travels with them. Instead, they hire event staffing companies who have hundreds of thousands of people in every state to staff the event for them. You accept whatever jobs you want to take and events pay from $10 to $20 per hour and you usually work five to 10 hours per event. If you’re over 21 and willing to work events for alcoholic brands, you can make $20 to $35 per hour. Companies I recommend are Fusion Event StaffingAttack MarketingAcross The Nation8 Days A Week, Enve,  Greenhouse, and Shinabery.

Sell online.      

Bringing a garbage bag of clothing to your local Plato’s Closet can give you quick cash, but it usually yields next to nothing for each item. Consignment stores usually price items at 30 percent of the original price and they give you about 10 percent of what it sells for. So if you have an item worth $100, it's sold in the store for $30, but you only make $3. Garage sale selling would give you more money. A better option is using reputable clothes selling websites. There are lots of options, but my favorites are Tradsey and Poshmark. These allow you to list items yourself, set the price and give you your own shipping label to make selling easier. The website will take 10 to 30 percent of the profits and it’s a bit more work, but you can make a lot more money.                    

Becoming a seller on Amazon can cost you seller fees, but if you have tons of old books to sell then it can become worthwhile. For all items other than clothing, selling on ebay is a good way to go. It doesn’t take that long and you make more money than donating to charity.

Do freelance projects.                 

For flexible work that you can do from your bedroom, try freelancing. Several websites like ElanceFreelanceriwritefiverr and 99designs allow you to accept jobs to write articles, do things like basic graphic design, translating, marketing and customer service. The pay can be low, but you can accept whatever projects you wish and agree on terms with the employer.

Babysitting or tutoring.      

Babysitting may seem old school, but you can still get about $10 an hour for making sure the kids don’t kill themselves while the parents go out. Nannying can be a lot of work, but babysitting every once in a while is a great way to make some spending money. Email a few local preschools or churches asking if they know anyone in need of an occasional babysitter or put flyers up with your qualifications. YOu can also use to get set up with a job. Tutoring locally can give you $10-$40 an hour, depending on your client and areas of expertise. If you don’t know anyone in need of tutoring, you can a sign up with an online tutoring company like or   

Arts and crafts.

If you’re a serial DIY type, then give etsy and other craft selling websites a shot. It takes time, and you may not see your profits right away, but it's definitely a fun job. Selling stock photos is minimal work and can pay off. Check out websites like Shutterstockistock,  dreamstime, and many more. Finally, if you’re an artist try selling your art on t-shirts through websites like threadless and 

Don't spend summer moping around serial Netflixing or playing video games until 3 a.m. Make some easy cash doing something you actually like!

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