Road Trip Tips For Dukes Driving To The FCS Championship In Frisco, TX

Road Trip Tips For Dukes Driving To The FCS Championship In Frisco, TX

The James Madison University football team is headed to the FCS Championship game in Frisco, Texas for the SECOND consecutive year.

For those who've been living under a rock for the past semester, the James Madison University football team is headed, for the SECOND consecutive time, to the FCS Championship game in Frisco, Texas after an undefeated season. On January 6, 2018, the Dukes of JMU will be going head to head against North Dakota State in a battle for the title.

Our fans are so dedicated that Toyota Stadium had to ban the time-honored tradition of throwing streamers. I attended the 2017 FCS Championship game, and I can testify that there was no shortage of streamers and that we all were enthusiastically throwing them for every touchdown. Fans aren’t exactly thrilled with this new rule but you can bet that school spirit will still be at an all-time high this coming Saturday.

For those who aren't making the voyage down to Frisco, make sure you tune into the game! Whether you're watching it on the TV in the comfort of your home, keeping up with social media or listening to it via the radio, this is the Championship Game and you do NOT want to miss out!! This season has been one of the best and we should all ring in the second semester by cheering on the team in one final showdown!

As someone who’s made the trip down to Frisco, here are a few tips for the Dukes who are making the trip this year…

1. If you’re driving, pack snacks and blankets

Because you will get hungry and you will get cold. Last year, we hit a mini snow storm and you never know if your car will break down or if your heat won’t work.


Especially with this cold spell that the United States is experiencing, GameDay will be absolutely freezing! Gloves, hats, double up on socks, layering, etc. Your body will thank you later.

3. Another tip for the Driving Dukes: Drink caffeine and trade driving shifts!

What my car of five did was traded off on who was navigating and driving and who was just recharging in the back. Again, your body will thank you later.

4. Bring cash just in case

You never know when you're going to need it!

5. Bring one bag because you don't want to accidentally lose a bag

That being said, don't overpack! It's most likely just a weekend trip so be wary of what you're bringing.

6. Don't forget your IDs!

If you want to drink, pick up your tickets, check into the hotel, you will need your ID!

So get ready for one final GameDay, Dukes! Whether you're there in person or in spirit, it's time to show the world that the JMU Dukes not only have the best football team but the best school spirit!

Cover Image Credit: Maddy Whitfield

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I had many coaches between church leagues, rec leagues, personal coaches, basketball camps, middle school and high school. Most of the coaches I had the opportunity to play for had a passion for the game like I did. They inspired me to never stop working. They would tell me I had a natural ability. I took pride in knowing that I worked hard and I took pride in the compliments that I got from my coaches and other parents. I always looked forward to the drills and, believe it or not, I even looked forward to the running. These coaches had a desire to teach, and I had a desire to learn through every good and bad thing that happened during many seasons. Thank you to the coaches that coached and supported me through the years.

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I had coaches that killed my passion and love for the game of basketball.

When a passion dies, it is quite possibly the most heartbreaking thing ever. A desire you once had to play every second of the day is gone; it turns into dreading every practice and game. It turns into leaving every game with earphones in so other parents don't talk to you about it. It meant dreading school the next day due to everyone talking about the previous game. My passion was destroyed when a coach looked at me in the eyes and said, "You could go to any other school and start varsity, but you just can't play for me."

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Looking back now at the amount of tears shed after practices and games, I just want to say to this coach: Making me feel bad about myself doesn't make me want to play and work hard for you, whether in the classroom or on the court. Telling me that, "Hard work always pays off" and not keeping that word doesn't make me want to work hard either. I spent every minute of the day focusing on making sure you didn't see the pain that I felt, and all of my energy was put towards that fake smile when I said I was OK with how you treated me. There are not words for the feeling I got when parents of teammates asked why I didn't play more or why I got pulled after one mistake; I simply didn't have an answer. The way you made me feel about myself and my ability to play ball made me hate myself; not only did you make me doubt my ability to play, you turned my teammates against me to where they didn't trust my abilities. I would not wish the pain you caused me on my greatest enemy. I pray that one day, eventually, when all of your players quit coming back that you realize that it isn't all about winning records. It’s about the players. You can have winning records without a good coach if you have a good team, but you won’t have a team if you can't treat players with the respect they deserve.

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The Night Circus: A Book Review

Magic, adventure, and romance on every page.


The Night Circus, written by Erin Morgenstern, is a captivating story of two apprenticed magicians who have been entered in their own magical competition. Celia Bowen is the daughter of a world-famous magician, Prospero the Enchanter. Prospero bets his own daughter against an old friends own apprentice, a young boy named Marco Alisdair. They both begin their training under their respective masters from a young age, always having harsh lessons and multiple performances. The two young magicians are told very little about the competition and they do not know who their opponent is.

Chandresh Christophe Lefevre is the creator of the circus, which becomes the arena for Celia and Marco. With help from Ethan Barris and the Burgess sisters, the circus is created. The whole place is black and white, from the huge tents to the performers costumes to even the grass within the gates. Magic and wonder fills the air as people enter the unusual scene. Chandresh constantly works with Mr. Barris and the sisters to continue creating new tents, along with the help of Marco and Celia. Eventually, the circus becomes the playing board for the apprentices. Each new creation of a tent is built up from the others ideas. Magic courses through the circus, but to the patrons it is all illusion and misdirection.

Bailey Clark is a young boy who dreams of joining the circus. He goes the whole while the circus is in town. He starts to fall in love with one of the young performers and eventually has to make a difficult decision that could save the whole circus from disappearing forever. Bailey's journey of self-finding and growing up will have you smiling the whole time you read about him and his wonderment of the circus.

With such vague, but strict rules of the competition, the magical components that keep the circus and everyone apart of it alive, and the desperation of a winner, things soon begin to turn complicated. In strong attempts to not give in, Marco and Celia begin to fall in love, but the competition prohibits that from happening. The circus starts to die. Misdirection turns into manipulation and things start to go wrong for everyone in the circus. No one is safe and it all comes down to Bailey to save everyone.

The book is written in a multi-perspective scenario, often jumping to a new storyline, new time era, and new events with each chapter. When reading, one should take careful notes of the starting dates and times at the start of each new chapter. Each individual story eventually comes together at the end, but read carefully or the illusions of the book might just trick you as well. Let yourself go and return to the childlike mentality of magic and wonder. You must attend the circus soon, for it only comes for a short time... and there is no warning. It will open at dark and close at dawn. Enjoy your time around the bonfire and get lost among the tents. Welcome to the Night Circus.

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