Jets Fans Know What The Pain But Also Know The Happiness

Being A Jets Fan Is Hard, But Also The Best

Say what you want about the Jets, but at least we aren't the Giants!

Julianna Kadian

Say what you want about the Jets: hate them, diss the name, say that we are the worst. Go right ahead, I don't care. Being a fan of football, in general, is honestly the best and worst. Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays are still the best days during football season. In general, being a fan of any team is the worst and the best thing and wins and losses depend on how a fan feels about football. Being born and raised a Jets fan, I can honestly say that it is the best and the worst.

I know if you're reading this and you're not a fan of the Jets, you're probably saying, "The Jets suck," "The Jets haven't won a super bowl in forever," "You lost to the Browns" or really anything else dissing the Jets. But let's be real here,

Eagles fans… you JUST won your FIRST super bowl ever.

Patriots fans… your quarterback is a cheater. Say what you want, if he did or not but we all know money can hide any scandal for you.

Giants fans… you've got nothing to say for yourselves right now. Saquan and Odell aren't the only ones on the team.. You know you got a whole team right?

Browns fans… congrats on beating us, but you also went 635 days without winning a SINGLE game… and yet to win a SuperBowl or even an appearance in it.

Lions fans… well I'll just let the score speak for itself.

Cowboy fans… is it a rule now to throw interceptions during every game??

I am not sitting here saying the Jets are hands down the best team in the NFL, because that just wouldn't be realistic. I do know and understand that the Jets haven't won a super bowl since 1968, and since then we have made thirteen playoff appearances. Along with that, four appearances in the AFC Championship game, which unfortunately the most recent time in 2010 losing to the Steelers.

Yeah… not really the best, I am aware, trust me. Been a fan since I was born. Statistics aren't really the best for us because we haven't won much in the past couple of years. However, the New York Jets made MANY changes in the past four years. In 2015, there was tons of potential for the team - Todd Bowles was new head coach, we had Fitzpatrick. There was a lot of potential in those two names right there. But if you are a football fan, you know that every time Fitzpatrick is new on a team, he does amazing for the first year and you truly think that time will be different, that he's the future of the team, but then he disappoints the second year (Sorry Fitzpatrick but…). Also in 2015 unfortunately was the last time we had a winning record, but man was that an exciting year. In week 13, December 6th, the overtime win over the New York Giants, which any Jets fans can for sure say is a very nice feeling; obviously any win is but over your rival team now that is a different feeling. Then in week 16, December 27th, the overtime win over the Patriots. Which is always nice to beat the cheaters of the league. Still high with happiness from those games.

But the past is the past and now we are here. Now we really could go through every division and list every one of the records but that will take a lot of time and a lot of commentary. Focusing on the important ones for a Jets fan to pay attention to, for me and a few of my friends that I spoke to about the teams that really matter for us to care about that we hear the most trash talk from THIS YEAR are the Giants, Browns and Eagles. Now let us sit down for one minute… and look at the stats for this year…

Browns: 2-3 record -- now now, yeah you might have beat us, congrats to you, but our record is still better this year.

Giants: 1-5 record -- don't even you really don't have much to say for yourselves.

Eagles: 3-3 record -- you guys are supposed to be champions, stated season out with big talk, now we got the same record.

Obviously the statistics are probably the hardest part of being a Jets fan. But the best parts about being a Jets fan is the thrill of the game no matter if it is a win or loss (Obviously in any loss we are frustrated but by the next day the team as a whole is waking up and still working hard). Being at a Jets game is a feeling that is just purely amazing. The energy and mentality of the Jets fans and the franchise itself. There is not much negative press about any of the Jets players, not like any of the other teams in the NFL. The Jets, no matter a win or a loss, put up a positive front. Even their constant saying "One Team, One Goal," No matter what. Not only does the franchise Instagram do that, the players do. Especially, former LSU Defensive Back, Jamal Adams, no matter in a loss or win he has never put something negative out there about his team. He is very dedicated to football but also one of the most down to Earth people you could ever meet.

Jamal takes every loss with pride, along with every win with pride. He finds game to game to be different and that every time you step on that field and that game clock starts, nothing matter but that game right there. Every game is a "new opportunity to ball," as he calls it. Jamal Adams is not the only positive one on the team. Also, former Redskins wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor. Although it is his first year with us, I haven't seen much negativity from him as a Jets player. From what I have seen he is similar with Jamal with the positive mentality.

Obviously, most of the team is very positive and a lot of them do tweet positively. The thrilling parts of being a Jets fan is, of course, the wins but also the feeling the franchise gives off. The family bond you feel about being a Jets fan, the thrilling part of the games, there hasn't been many Jets games that any Jets fans could ever sit through quietly. But if we are addressing the most recent years of being a Jets fan is the thrill of watching the team evolving, the team being tweaked left and right and figuring out what works and what doesn't work. Being at a Jets game is like no other. There is no "oh yeah this will be a blow out thought," it is a true game. The true reason football is a thrilling game to watch is for the actual tension and the competitiveness. The rush of a game and just to see your team out on the field is something truly amazing.

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