Kanye's 9th studio album, ''Jesus is King'' released on October 25th. What Kanye was trying to do with 'Jesus is King' was basically giving you what it's going to be like seeing a whole new different Ye. Kanye is re-branding himself in the music business and with his personal business. He didn't like what he was becoming before he converted to Christianity, so when he made 'Jesus is King' he wanted to introduce himself as the new and loving Ye. And I don't see anything wrong with that.

We all know Kanye did and said some crazy stuff in the past, like the famous VMA's speech and supporting Trump. Even though I don't condone what he was doing during that time period, he's just human like the rest of us. People keep saying they want the old Ye back but they are still stuck in the past. In his point of view, the old Kanye was involved in things that weren't acceptable and were troubling to him, so bad it was actually haunting. Dealing with a mental health crisis and his mother passing away are the two main points people bring up when they think that's what drove Kanye crazy.

Peep game though, why the hell are we judging Kanye for his own personal views when some of us go through worse situations than he's in? I don't even know why. We've all been through some shit in the past that we're not proud of. Some of us found religion and became a better person than ever before. Hell, I used to hear testimonies about how people were doing this and that before they found Christ, Buddha, or Allah.

Prince is a prime example of changing his image. Dude was a Jehovah's Witness and was still making good music. What Kanye is doing with his gospel songs and Sunday services is keeping his mental health, relationship with religion, and family happy and intact. With 'Jesus is King', he's showcasing that there's nothing wrong with second chances in your own religion. He just wants to become a better person.

So who are we to judge? We can talk about how we want the old Kanye to come back all day, but we're really just stuck in the past missing out on what the new Kanye is trying to become.

At the end of the day, there's only one person that can judge Kanye. Step off, because judgement day is coming for all of us and Kanye is just getting a few steps ahead.