Jealousy is one of the worst qualities a person can possess. Jealousy causes tantrums, obsession, and extremely unhealthy personality changes. With that being said, why would anyone want to bring jealousy into their relationships?

I've found that jealousy has become a popular trend in my generation's relationships, which has caused me to stay away from dating. After years of watching friends get together and break up with partners, I've realized that jealousy is often worn like a medal of honor. Basically, if a partner is jealous, that means he or she really loves you and is terrified to lose you.

Well, let me tell you that this way of thinking is completely ridiculous.

Being a jealous person means that you've got some serious self-confidence issues that need to be resolved ASAP. First of all, in order to be in a relationship, you need to have confidence and love yourself. If those two things are hard for you, you need to take some time off from dating to reevaluate yourself and your mindset. You can't expect people to love you if you don't love yourself.

Secondly, if the thought of your partner running off with another person is constantly bothering you, perhaps you should take a moment to really look at your relationship. Does the person you're with often flirt with other people? Does he or she like seeing you angry? If not, the problem most likely resides within yourself. It all goes back to self-confidence.

A confident person doesn't see other people as a threat to their relationship. No, the cashier that smiles at your partner isn't planning to steal them away. No, the professor that your partner sees for extra help is not trying to make them theirs. In fact, I'm sure less than 1% of the people you meet are actually thinking about your partner.

Dealing with my own crazy jealous ex-boyfriends, I wondered if finding someone with a normal mindset was even possible. I do, however, have a great relationship to model my own from. My grandparents had a fantastic, jealousy-free relationship. Their relationship was fueled by trust and respect for one another. My mom recalls how my grandma used to gush over old boyfriends of hers and my grandpa would simply listen, not giving a damn what she had to say about them because he was with her now, and she wasn't going anywhere.

So please, be like my grandparents, and stop being jealous little goblins.