The month of April is full of all sorts of interesting themes and days. One of my favorites in this large list is Jazz Appreciation. Jazz influenced many different forms of society at the time that it was developed and remains a major portion of what people relate back to the 1920's. Jazz music influenced gender roles, dance, fashion and so much more. There are a multitude of talented jazz artists and so narrowing them down is difficult. The below five are some of the jazz artists that are supremely talented and well known.

1. Louis Armstrong

Armstrong is easily one of the most recognized names in jazz music. Armstrong was a famous trumpeter, composer, and singer. He lasted five decades with his career as a jazz musician. He adapted to the different forms of jazz that came about during his career. Armstrong played River Boats at the start of his career but moved on to perform in big cities such as Chicago and New York. His gravelly voice is as iconic as his talent with the trumpet. He was also a master of scat singing. One of the most famous songs that he's performed is "What a Wonderful World".

2. Lil Hardin Armstrong

As her name implies, Lil Hardin Armstrong was the wife of Louis Armstrong. She was a talented jazz pianist, composer, arranger, singer, and bandleader. Armstrong encouraged her husband to pursue his music wholeheartedly. The two even collaborated on many pieces. Armstrong was a talented pianist and played until her death at which she died playing the piano. Much of her music career took place in Chicago where her husband largely spent his time playing. One of the songs that showcases her talent is "Doin' the Suzie Q".

3. Sidney Bechet

Bechet is another name that comes up when the thought of talented jazz musicians pops up. Bechet was a jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composers. He even managed to beat Louis Armstrong to the recording studios. His style of play involved quite a bit of improvisation and he didn't use sheet music to play even though he could read it.

Bechet also liked to experiment with different instruments in order to create a full jazz sound. His erratic temperament put him behind his careers in the music field temporarily but his talent was undeniable. One of my favorite songs from Mr. Bechet is "All Of Me".

4. Ella Fitzgerald

Another exceptionally well known name in the jazz music center is Ella Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was often referred to as the "Queen of Jazz" for her powerful jazz vocals. She was a talented scat singer but also possessed the singing qualities of impeccable tone and diction. One of the most noted songs that she sang was "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)". She toured the globe and became a world renowned name. Her up tempo singing is incredibly catchy and fits well with the jazz music that accompanies her.

5. Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is another famous name in the jazz world. Most noted for her singing and song-writing, Holiday had a career that spanned almost thirty years. While she had little formal music education, she made up for it with her innovative ways on manipulating phrasing and tempo. She also made up for her lack of education with improvisation. Holiday was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall more than once. One of the songs that showcases her voice talents is "I'll Be Seeing You".