Java City Is Gone

Java City Is Gone And Coffee Lovers Campus-Wide Are Experiencing These 5 Feelings Of Loss And Acceptance

As told by Jessica Day.


As last semester came to an end, rumors surfaced that Longwood would be getting rid of Java City. When many of us first heard about this, our hearts sank. And now that it's been replaced, we feel lost.

Java City was the most convenient and delicious spot on campus. It was a part of our everyday routines. It was our favorite place to get late night snacks and our third cup of coffee when we were drowning in homework and pulling late nights. For some of us, it was home.

While we're trying to keep our composure and get through the day gracefully, here's how we're feeling as told be Jessica Day:

1. Sadness. Pure sadness. 

How do I go on?

2. Confusion. Acting weird. 

How does one act?


Whose idea was it, anyway?

4. Complacent. Emotionless. 


5. Acceptance. 

I'll miss you even more.

Java City was a student favorite.

Yes, I know we're getting a Starbucks. But who else is going to serve a cinnamon roll latte?

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