Jason Kulpa Shares Four Smart Ways to Build Your Net Worth by Investing a Small Amount of Money
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Jason Kulpa Shares Four Smart Ways to Build Your Net Worth by Investing a Small Amount of Money

Build Your Net Worth by Investing a Small Amount of Money

Jason Kulpa Shares Four Smart Ways to Build Your Net Worth by Investing a Small Amount of Money

The financial market can be an intimidating place, and investing can often seem too foreign of an idea to grasp. Getting started is often the hardest part of investing, and high minimums and other barriers to entry make the situation worse.

Jason Kulpa, Net Worth expert and San Diego's two-time winner of the Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal, knows that everyone has to start somewhere, and starting small is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. From the knowledge he has gained from his own experiences as well as from the experiences of others, Kulpa shares four smart ways to build your net worth by small change investments.

1. Set financial goals

Investing takes time, patience, and discipline. Before you jump into any investment opportunities, make sure you are ready by setting financial goals and practicing them. It is essential to break bad financial habits sooner than later. Set small financial goals first that encourage you to set aside small amounts of your bi-weekly paycheck for savings. Once you have proven to yourself that you are disciplined enough to establish and keep savings, start to allow yourself to invest small amounts of funding from your savings towards building your net worth through other investments.

2. 401k Plan

The easiest way to start investing in the financial market, with a small amount of money, is through a 401k Plan. Most companies supply their employees with a 401k plan and automatically take a percentage from each paycheck and put it into their 401k, sometimes even matching it.

Take charge of your investments and decide what small percentage would be most beneficial for you to take out of your salary. One percent or even five percent of each check might not seem like much, but over time, it will add up significantly. Through this action of compounding interest is how you build your wealth and your net worth.

Be aware though of promotions in your salary. If you are taking out five percent of your earnings to go towards your 401k, a raise will not only increase your income, but it will increase your 401k investments, too. Adjust your 401k investment percentage accordingly to always align with your budget goals.

3. Invest in your home

Residential properties are considerable assets. Their market value is what effects your net worth. Consider investing small amounts of funds towards your home to add value to it and keep it of value over time. Investing annually in higher-rated appliances or budgeting out small projects to modernize the house externally and internally are both proactive strategies to consider.

4. Invest in your own business

You can always invest in other companies, but who better to invest in than yourself? Upgrade your net worth by investing in an intermediate asset that helps you generate additional income. For example, invest in purchasing a good quality power-washer, and offer to power-wash your neighbor's driveway for cash.

About Jason Kulpa

Jason Kulpa is San Diego's two-time winner of the Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal and also a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award. He is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and former CEO of UE.co, San Diego's Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner.

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