Everyone’s Pumped To See Jared and Ashley I Dating

Everyone’s Pumped To See Jared and Ashley I Dating

The best couple in all of Bachelor Nation if we're being honest.

Ah, this time of the year is my favorite time of year for many reasons. First, it’s nice out I can play outside and enjoy the outdoors, but more importantly it’s the start of the Bachelorette Season. Becca is going to do a great job and show that jerk Arie was he’s missing out on after dumping her.

However, this is something that more important than Becca’s season for right now. I know I can’t believe I am saying that myself because Becca is amazing and so is the entire show. This is something that is so monumental and life-changing to Bachelor History.

Jared Haibon and Ashley I are finally dating. IT’S TRUE LOVE! Sorry, I have been a hard-core shipper of them since they met 3 years ago on Bachelor in Paradise and I knew that they were eventually going to end up together.

Now, obviously there’s this LONG story to this and it is the most captivating love story of all time. Basically, this story is all about how timing plays a factor into everything and that it is possible to escape the dreaded friendzone. Two key things that give me hope because I am not in a time in my life to have a boyfriend (timing), and I get friendzoned by every guy that I like #someonedateme.

I am going to be summarizing this story for the sake of its relevancy to the article and simply because they did a video on the story of them. If you want to see the whole amazing video of their beautiful and PRECIOUS love story, go this link. If you’re a die-hard Bachelor fan, like myself then you might know the story, if not here’s a beautiful refresher.

Jared and Ashley I. met on the second of Bachelor in Paradise, and they built an amazing friendship on the show. However, she was in love with him and wanted this romantic relationship with him, but he just wanted to be friends. Honestly, everyone of my rejections is like this story.

A year goes by they get close and Jared does develop romantic feelings at one point, but never fully acts on them and Ashley just gets more infatuated with Jared. This sets up the tone for when both of them go on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Ashley is shown to be OBSESSED with Jared, while Jared doesn’t look interested at all and he wants to date other people.

Then they had some serious conversations for their friendship at that point, and agreed to date other people and be solely friends for about a year to a year and a half-ish. Jared also hit a rough point in his life and wasn’t ready for anything with anyone. Also, Jared mentioned how he was at his happiest with Ashley and whenever he was on dates with other people, he would be thinking about Ashley the entire time.

At the end-ish of this 18-month era to their friendship, they both go on other shows and while Jared was on his show, he realized that he wants to be there with Ashley. Well, Ashley goes on another show and ends up dating another guy. This guy is really into her, and she seemed happy.

This is where their story becomes very chick-flick like and I am so about this life.

At the end of December, Jared realized that he has feelings for Ashley after discovering that she has this new boyfriend. While on a vacation with three other friends to St. Lucia, Jared could only be there for a day due to reasons. On their last day, Jared goes to the ocean alone with Ashley and admits that he has feelings for her and wants to be romantically involved with her.

Nothing happens because Ashley tells Jared that she does want to pursue a relationship with this new guy. Then right as she is about to go to the airport, Jared pulls her to the side and lays a big one showing that he has feelings for her. Now, Jared is forced to play the waiting game.

Two months later (ish), Ashley breaks up with her boyfriend and Jared finds out. Jared then hands her this adorable note and she breaks down in tears (in typical Ashley fashion). Then they start to date and I am so bliss about it.

How I feel about this? Why is this so relatable? Why am I and the Bachelor Family/Nation so obsessed with this couple?

Honestly, it’s about time and I am so jubilated for them. You could see in every Instagram post that they shared together that there was something more than friendship, both of them looked happier together. You can tell now that they are in love, and it’s not just this romantic, passion filled love, it’s true everlasting love.

I feel and believe that Jared and Ashley I are going to get married someday. It’s because their story is different than any other Bachelor-Nation story. It’s raw and stemmed from a friendship.

These two didn’t go on a TV show and fall in love with each other. Instead, they became great friends and got to know each other through that. They learned how to deal with each other, they went through the highs and lows of life together while being friends and creating that strong foundation for a potential relationship through that.

That’s why they’re relatable, especially to me because I have liked a lot of my guy friends and this shows me that it is possible to break the friendzone someday. It gives me hope for when the timing might be right. Also, their love feels true and real, like they really are in love and are happy together.

Why is Bachelor Nation so obsessed with this couple? Primarily because everyone has been waiting for this couple to happen. Just look at some of the people’s reactions below.

Cover Image Credit: @ashley_iaconetti

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