When is the last time you read an entire book? And no...reading 10 articles on Facebook does NOT count as one book.

But really when is the last time you read an entire book? Was it high school or last night?

For myself, in college, it could take me up to 6 months to finish a book or more. Due to being busy and focusing on my studies and just life. But recently I had this idea that I'm not a true writer until I've read at least one of Jane Austen's works.

And so I started with "Sense and Sensibility". And I didn't know what to expect. I'm a fan of James Patterson and Nora Roberts. I mean could I really get into this book?

Before getting into this book I made the point to NOT watch the movie or read any notes on the book. I did NOT WANT TO RUIN IT! And from the very get-go, I was confused. I needed to get used to language used. Even though it is English, it's English that you never hear anymore unless you go to a Renaissance festival or themed party. And because I needed to read and re-read a lot of the sentences it took me a while to get my characters straight and get invested in their journey.

And coming from someone who likes to read books that grab my attention from the get-go I really had to push myself to keep reading and NOT google the characters.

But I made some goals for myself when I started reading this book. One chapter a night. And I wanted to finish it before the semester was up. So I had 6 weeks. And at the end of it, my roommate promised to watch the movie of it. But not before I had finished the book!

And I didn't think I'd ever get into this book until all of a sudden things just CLICKED! And I freaked out! The very end of "Sense and Sensibility" my heart was broke at one moment and then excited and ecstatic the next moment. I. WAS. INVESTED!

Reading Jane Austen was something I had to create incentives to keep pushing through. And now I am proud to say that I have read an entire Jane Austen book. I did it! But am I a better writer because I finished one of the most admired pieces of writing?

I don't think so necessarily, but it did give me something to think about. The conversations that come when you talk with someone else who LOVES Jane Austen are much more interesting when you've actually read the book and understand what they are talking about.

So my challenge for you today is to not only read something but do something that you've never done before. And stick with it for a while! You never know what "AH-HA" moments may happen when you just try something new.