James Taylor And Bonnie Raitt Are Friendship Goals

James Taylor And Bonnie Raitt Are Friendship Goals

They also play awesome music together, too.

From the first moment of acclaimed musicians James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt's concert in Duluth, Georgia, it was clear that the two shared a special bond. They met in Cambridge almost 50 years ago through a mutual friend and have been frequently playing together ever since. Before Raitt's hour full of songs, Taylor introduced her as an "old friend" and raved about her talent.

Raitt, along with her band, performed a myriad of songs ranging from covers to her own tunes. She did her own soulful take on INXS's "Need You Tonight" and paired up with Taylor to perform John Hiatt's "Thing Called Love."

After Raitt's performance, Taylor gave Duluth two hours packed with mellow ballads and soothing guitars, complete with videos that added to the ambiance. The calm folk ballads and the complex videos made a unique combination that perfectly balanced each other out. Complex LED staging can easily distract the audience from the music, so Taylor's team made sure to be careful about this - and succeeded. The scenery of mountains, skies, and trees blended easily with Taylor's music.

"Carolina in My Mind" featured scenes of the Blue Ridge Mountains and lyrics such as "Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine?...Yes, I'm gone to Carolina in my mind," which left many Georgians and Carolinians at the concert with a feeling of nostalgia. Taylor wrote "Carolina in My Mind" while he was in London and was longing for the place he grew up with his family. Then, during, "Sunny Skies," Taylor showed a montage of pictures of his lovable pug.

Taylor seemed just as close to his band as he is to Raitt. He took the time to introduce them each individually - and not just by stating their name. He told the audience a little bit about each of them and made sure to shake their hands.

During the encore, Raitt joined Taylor one more time for "You Can Close Your Eyes" and a cover of "Johnny B. Goode." Taylor and Raitt's clear camaraderie wouldn't exist without music. They know how powerful music can be with social issues, and their passion for charity and how music can make a difference has drawn them even closer. Through the years, they have bonded over their commitment to sustainability issues and environmental protection. “The affection between us is so clear and so palpable. Our two bands love each other. James and I are both social activists and we’re really proud that a dollar of every ticket will be donated to various causes,” Raitt said.

Cover Image Credit: Sophie Harris

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To The Girl Who Still Has Her Mom This Christmas

To the girl with who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas. 

     To the girl who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas, please remember to soak every last bit of it in. 

      Please remember to hug her so tight, that the way she smells is locked into your nose. Listen to all the stories you've heard a million times, like you've never heard a single one. Help her, even if it seems completely silly to you, help her mix that cake. Laugh, oh please laugh. Laugh at all her corky ways, at the way she mispronounces words, try's to be hip and use new found lingo, or how she cusses when she forgot to get the rolls out of the oven but quickly asks the Lord for forgiveness. Remember her laugh, etch it into your brain. Make her happy, if she wants to go riding around looking at Christmas lights down the same streets you've went for years, do it. Don't fuss, take her advice, agree to just disagree on things. It's not worth it. Most importantly, remind her over and over how much you love her. 

     Because unlike you, I'm not able to see my mom on Christmas. I'm not able to see her on birthdays, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion. My time with her is up. Death is the most permanent heartbreak. 

     How I long to hear her voice, her laugh. To feel her tight embrace. Smell, oh god, what I would give to just be able to smell her. I would absolutely love to go riding around for hours while she ohhs and ahhs at every single house we pass. If I had the opportunity I'd tell her just how much I love her, how I'm so thankful for all the sacrifices she made for me. In fact, I'm not sure I could ever tell her enough. 

      Some days I wake up and it still doesn't feel real. Others, I panic trying to remember exactly how she sounded. Because, I don't want to forget. I don't want to forget a single characteristic about her. Not one. 

     Take time, not just on holidays, or special occasions to be with your mom. Even if it's just you two piled up watching reruns of "The Little House on the Prairie", soak it in. 

    You only get one momma. Nobody could ever take her place. She's your rock. 

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7 Lit Restaurants South Of Boston [Revisited]

Treat yo self.


Treat yo self.

1. Sombrero's



A year ago, my wife and I came back from Cancun and found ourselves withdrawing from travel addiction. Coming across this restaurant a week later definitely helped ease the pain. The atmosphere and food are relatively authentic and pretty damn good. Stiff margaritas and a plethora of delicious and decadent dishes will have you ready to bust out the maracas and sombreros in no time. …Ariba.

South Weymouth, MA - https://www.sombrerosmexican.net/

2. Not Your Average Joe's (Norwell)



Not Your Average Joe's is not your average chain restaurant, pun intended. They're always switching up the menu with new swanky dishes. The bread is super good to start, served generously alongside olive oil with parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper. The chicken enchiladas and the Caribbean buffalo tenders are my go-to. Throw in a pitcher of watermelon margaritas and it's a done deal. Other than a few locations in Massachusetts, you can find Not Your Average Joe's in Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

Norwell, MA - https://www.notyouraveragejoes.com/locations/massa...

3. 42° North



Top of the line seafood, nice dining room, and a welcoming bar. It's the perfect, relaxed spot for some semi-formal celebration or just a nice night out.

Plymouth, MA - http://www.42degreesnorthrestaurant.com/

4. East Bay Grille



Also in Plymouth, East Bay Grille is a step up from 42° North on the fancy-scale. I'm not really sure if it's enforced, but there is a dress code. If you do decide to go there, it wouldn't hurt to check that first. The few times my wife and I have been there we were celebrating, so we were already addressed the part. Set on Plymouth's historic waterfront, it's a pleasant little scene. Plymouth Rock is right down the street (literally take a left out the parking lot and drive for two minutes), along with the rest of Plymouth Memorial State Park.

Plymouth, MA - http://eastbaygrille.com/

5. Lobster Hut

Fried Seafood


Feeling irie? Got the munchies? If you're not up for dressing to the nines but still want that beautiful Plymouth waterfront atmosphere, exit Easy Bay Grille immediately, walk like 50 yards southeast of the building and you'll end up at the Lobster Hut. This quaint little shack serves up super good fried seafood for a reasonable price and offers outdoor seating closer to the harbor than East Bay Grille. Just beware- don't feed the birds (we do anyway).

Plymouth, MA - http://www.lobsterhutplymouth.com/

6. The Fours (Norwell)

Burger & Beer


My sister introduced me to this place last year. It's a sports bar on the higher-end. If you want to catch the game out over a few brews, or if just want a bomb burger, check this place out. Three locations- Norwell, Boston, and Quincy.

Norwell, MA - http://www.thefours.com/

7. Cask 'N Flagon



The sister-site of the historic Fenway Pahhhk Cask 'N Flagon and located in Marshfield, I was at this restaurant for the majority of the 2013 World Series. And the place was BUMPIN' every game night. I've been to actual sporting events that couldn't match the liveliness of the restaurant. Literally. So if you're looking to hang with a rowdier crew than you would find at The Fours, if you want to scream your face off at 135 High Definition TVs and feel perfectly normal about it, then, my friend, this is the place for you. Try the BBQ tenders or a massive plate of nachos with copious amounts of cheese. You'll thank me later.

Marshfield, MA - http://casknflagon.com/locations/marshfield/

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